2008 yz450f

Well, im am going to be purchasing one within the next 2-3 weeks and need advice. i am really nervous about buying a 450 after coming off a yz125 and a quad, i know i can handle the power, ive ridden one and loved it, thats the reason im buying it, but i rode an 06 450, not an 08. i heard the motor is a little more mellow, it that good or bad? Also, what is the reccomended break-in procedure? what about oil changes/filter changes etc etc.

sorry for all the questions, i just dont want to buy it and hate it and end up stuck with something i dont like. by the way, i am 5 foot 7 135lbs, most of which is muscle believe it or not, and i am still gaining weight. by the way, i am 14 almost 15.

I cant imagine anyone buying an 08 and hating it. Consider yourself lucky. Your not even 15 and getting a brand new yz450f. Thats awesome.

thanks for the reply. i doubt i wont like it, i love riding dirtbikes

dont worry about the mellow motor.. the yz is by far the easist 4t out there to ride.

as for break in precedure. the manual has a pretty good set up, so i would go off that... as for oil.. i change mine every 3rd track day depending on how long or how hard i was on it thos days. or every 5-10 hours of desert riding. oil filter every other change. do yourself a favor and get yourself a scotts oil filter and you will save tons of cash on filters.

hope this helps.

thanks a bunch, im so phyched to get it.

You lucky #@$&@

You won't be disappointed, I'm 5'9 and 150lbs and have no problem. It's the most ridable 450 I've been on, and I had an 06 before my 08. Little guys like us need a ridable motor not one that will yank out our shoulders. Also I am an A rider and have hole-shotted close to ever race so far and mine is bone stock. Don't let the "mellow" motor hype keep you away from a bike this great. Good luck!:busted:

I also am buying a 08 yz450 tomorrow morning, i am super stoked on it. i had a yz125 about 4 years ago, then got a cr250 and sold that and then all i had for awhile was a 50, but i just parted that out and used the money for a down payment. im glad to see all of you guys are liking your bikes, it shows i did the right thing. im only 5'7 and weigh 160lbs. im only 18 and im financing it, i got it for $6500 OTD. so i better like it because ill be paying it off for the next 6 years.

they said the motor was mellower on the 07, and i have the 07 and my dad has the 06 and i don't know how much more mellow the motor seems, but the first thing i recognized was the 07 felt 100lbs lighter than the 06, my dad's 06 just wants to stand up everywhere and never lean in whereas my bike is ready to be flicked anywhere you want to. i love it. and i guess the 08 feels even better than the 07, so have fun.

i WANT the yzf because of its mellow motor. im a small kid, so i want something that is fairly light, stone reliable (yamaha), and turns pretty good (i heard the new yz450f turns awesome). once again, thanks for the replys.

I have an 07, im big as far as mx goes 6 3 210, and the bike is sweet, the mellowness is very deceiving, when you go to brake for a cornere youll realize you are hauling ass, it also works great in the woods

y dont you get a 250f? you seem like a really good fit for one and you would save alot of money, just my .02

im only 5'7 and weigh 160lbs. im only 18 and im financing it, i got it for $6500 OTD.

Wait till you hit 40, wish you weighed 160 again, and the only worry you had was how you were gonna finance a new bike :busted:

haha yeah dude, i just cant wait to get on a bike again, its been so long, i will be complete again.

im not into the 250f type of power, you have to rev it to the moon to ride where i ride, i dont know if you have heard of it but its called the cinders ohv recreation area, it is hard on 450fs, i cant even imagine a 250f trying to do all the gigantic hills along with the fact that it is all really deep sand/molten rock.

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