My forks suck, How do you guys tune your clickers?

Sweet, thanks for all the help guys........first and formost, changing my fork oil :D. Shouldn't need to be told to do things like this :D..........

Guess I'll be going through the same proceedure for my forks as I did for my jetting...........setup, test, analyse, repeate..........


Dodger :):D


Can you post a description of your fork fluid widget? Thanks! :)

One way to make an oil level widget is to add a piece of rubber tubing to a syringe. Find someone who is a nurse, diabetic, or heroin junky for the syringe. :) If you want your oil level at 135mm, mark the tubing, hold the mark even with the top of your fork tube and suck the oil out with the syringe.

A harder way is with a metric ruler, a flashlight, and slowly pouring oil in until it reaches the end of the ruler.


You can also get large capacity syringes from your local farm supply store.

My fork height widget:

Shopping list:

1 2" PVC endcap (Any hardware store)

1 1 'x 3/8" OD metal tubing (ACE hardware or hobby store)

1 stop collar for above (ACE hardware of hobby store)

1 3/8" ID grommet (ACE hardware of hobby store)

1 1' 3/8" ID section of plastic tubing (Any hardware store)

1 Syringe (Any vet store or place that cells horse supplies)

Drill a hole large enough to accomodate the OD of the grommet.

I drilled mine off center. Think about where you want the tube to fit in your

forks and drill the hole there. If it's in the center, it'll hit the damping rod.

Insert the grommet. Insert the metal tubing in the grommet. Put the stop

collar on the topside of the endcap. Attach one end of the plastic tubing

to the top of the metal tubing. Attach the syringe to the other end of the

tubing. Secure all. I used zip ties. :)

To use it, simply measure from the bottom of the metal tubing to the

inside of the endcap. Adjust to what you want your oil height to be and

tighten the stop collar. Add fluid, insert widget and draw out any excess

fluid into the syringe. Voila', instant, perfect oil height.


Be sure and get a couple of 60cc syringes. the seals go bad every now and then so keep a extra. i set my level at 105mm from the top with 5wt oil. Have tried 10 wt and didnt like it well. A little change on the fluid height makes a world of difference in the ride quality i've found and bottoming resistance. good luck :)

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