yz426 jd jet kit awsome

well just put the jd jetting into my 01 426 and i must say its great cant belive the difference no more bog better broader power and starts first kick hot or cold. Also put in zipty air screw and that makes dialing in so much easier. Just want to thank all of you for your input in this forum without that i would have never even known about these products.:busted:

Yeah I totally agree, the kit makes a huge difference. I don't know if it would do much on a dyno but who cares, it's the seat of the pants dyno that matters. I also went one size bigger on the pilot jet which makes it run better, but when it's hot it doesn't start on the first kick all the time like it used to. But that's ok it still starts within a couple kicks and runs better down low while I'm riding

bryan, where did you end up getting your kit from?

... that was a dumb question because i guess you can only get them here....:applause:

I got mine from Cyclegear. They have them in stock!

i got it at the tt store with the 10% discount

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