New Purchase!! 2000 426

Man super deal, I paid $800 for a 2001 yz426 fixer upper, and have spent quite a few hunderd already. It dropped a valve seat!! Other than getting to know the insides very well, you have money well spent. Mine won't look that good until the new plastics get put on (bike was stored outside/ sun faded) ,and I get it running. I have been mute until today, just reading and searching and learning. Enjoy!

sick bike. i just bought a 2000 426. its more beat but picked it up for $1000

Ok. I just got home from the 20 hour trip to pick up the bike. I got a better deal than i thought... It has Excel wheels on it, which i didnt know about, and it came with 2 spare excel front wheel blanks, and 1 spare excel rear wheel blank. Also got extra skid and case guards, air filter, seat cover, front number plate background, clutch lever, perch and cable. The extra midpipe also inludes a complete new set of hangers and other misc exhaust parts... I even got a complete spare rear caliper with pads...

wow! so your happy then...:applause:

Very happy. Im using the extra wheels to mount studded tires for winter riding... I just need to get a set of hubs and spokes... also i need to figure out if i wanna do mx or woods.... tought decision cause i love both...

Well i just went to my local yamaha dealer to see if they had any used tires i could get for cheap to stud. well here is what i got. Fairly new tires, had ice screws in them so all i have to do is drill the holes all the way through and insert my cement screws... Front tire is a dunlop 756. and the rear is a kenda millville. Im hopefully going to have them done this week and just need to ind a set of hubs and spokes...




sorry for the crappy pics i took them with my phone cause i cant find my camera...

That bike is looking bling bling brother. Nice buy. You'll be happy with how it rides.:applause:

sick bike. i just bought a 2000 426. its more beat but picked it up for $1000

Welcome to TT man. I see you're a virgin. You'll be an addict like us soon. You'll find that Grayracer is like the Master Yoda of the YZF forums.

Alright, so i took her to the indoor track this weekend. Wow... I LOVE this bike. Plenty of power... Corners good once i got up on the tank... Actually surprised at the cornering once i was on the tank... Everyone says they suck, but it did great.

Well I also put the numbers on her as i am thinkin about racing indoors this coming weekend but am not sure yet. I really want to but havent had lots of seat time on the bike...





Congrats on the purchase. I paid the same price for my 01 YZ426, which was basically bone stock (just an aftermarket pipe and bars) and hasn't been ridden much. Nearly all the paint on the frame is intact - very little boot wear and no rock chips! It looks like you got a great deal with all the aftermarket goodies, especially the suspension.

I thought all the 426s came with Excel wheels, am I mistaken? My bike came with the original D739 tires on the front and back. They were worn, so I was thinking of studding them for the winter but when I took the rear off I had to destroy the bead because it was so stiff and dry rotted.

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