Which would you choose?

Okay, I'm hoping to keep this family-rated, but I've got to ask those of you who are over 18, which would you choose for Sunday?

Number 1. Your bike has never run better; you are in control and hooked-up hard coming out of the first turn - the front end is lofting just a few inches off the turf... you look back and the pack is all twisted up in a huge pile of upside-down/crossways everything. You look ahead to find the best line on the loamy, moist, dew-covered course...


Number 2. Your (insert your choice: wife, girl, or boyfriend here) says you are the best thing in all the world. You will get lucky tonite for sure - all you have to do is spend a wonderful happy day this Sunday with your loving other, shopping at the mall.


personaly i think it's an easy choice. i see my girl everyday of the week and don't get to ride that much so i'd take the bike over her on a sunday and if she had any problems i'll just take the credit cards away from her and tell her we can go shopping afterwards !! :)

a wr400/426 is always better than a woman because

a) a wr is always .....

:) a wr never has a ......

c) a wr always looks .....

d) a wr doesnt ever ......

e) a wr never forgets who is.....

f) a wr doesnt care how hard.....

g) a wr ..........

The only advise I have for you is that with women there is never a for sure. I would remind my girlfriend just how bad of a shopper I am and how she and her friend____ always find the best stuff. Kick her down with a little moolah and head to the track. :)

Get lucky first then go ride.

My wife knows if I go shopping with her instead of riding I will be a total grouch aand bitch the whole time anyway. Every bike we pass I will sigh and roll my eyes......so it is in her favor to let me ride whenever it suits me. Ill get laid when she gets home either way because she's been out talking sex with her friends all day. Women think they have MEN trained.... HA!!!!! :)

When you take all the kids to the races to pit for you she has the choice !!!

She can sleep late...or not.

She can go to church...or not.

She can go to the mall...or not.

She can expect you and the kids home around dark after a day of quality time of Dad and the kids together.

It works pretty good at my house.

I would go to the mall depending on what she was going to buy me... Now if its somthing good. Guns,Clothes,Training ep.ect. I might consider it! Is the track premo?

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