Interchangeable wheels

I asked under the WR forum but no one knows.I would like to get another set of wheels for my 04 WR which are the same as the YZ other than the 18 inch rear.

Can older models wheels fit this bike with the correct spacers? When I mean older, even older than 98 when the 400s came out. I know that somewhere along the line that they changed axle sizes.

I want a set of road wheels.Having a set of tires to try and do both with isnt cutting it.


The YZ/WR wheels are interchangeable from '99 upward. Front wheels are a direct fit, while the rears often require spacers from the correct year bike in order to fit.

Earlier rear wheels do not fit, nor do front wheels earlier than, IIRC, '98.

I knew that the YZ wheels would fit

You answered my question about the years.

I was hoping something from a bike older than 98 could work easily.

Thanks Grayracer

pre-99 bikes had 20mm rear axles and 20mm fronts. you can use an older front...

the rears on 99 and newer bikes have 22mm axles....same dimension fronts though.

i went through this whole dilemma when building my supermoto bike.

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