Honda Factory Service Manual for XR 650L

Hey a few post regarding a Honda Factory Service Manual for the XR 650L.

I've been searching online for one such manual and can't find one.

My Clymer manual is okay, but I'd rather have a Factory Service Manual.

Anyone got a clue as to where I can find one???

Thanks in advance.


Call mid west action cycle lake Geneva WI.

I discovered how to get one at


You want paper or PDF?

PM me and I'll send you the PDF.



Did you get my pm?

Yup, and sent.


No; you use Hotmail. It's over 10 MB.


if you join the Honda Riders Club of America....under $ can access a manual through them online anytime.....i use it in the garage to print the pages i only need at the time......

Sent you a PM

Does it have a good wiring diag? If so, can I get a copy?


Thumbs up for Durandal:thumbsup: :smirk::) Finally found the HOLLY MANUAL :ride: :ride: :worthy:

I don't monitor this thread automatically.

PM me with an email account that can take 10+ MB.


Thanks a bunch!:smirk:

You want paper or PDF?

PM me and I'll send you the PDF.


PM sent, thanks alot

Do a search. There are download links posted in multiple threads that still work.

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