Anyone racing the Hollister National Hare Scramble this weekend?

I will be there and having a blast. Best part there should be no rain between now and then....See you there! Paul :)

First Heart on Classic w/o rain. Still plenty of poison oak to go around. You'll be able to tell who rode by the amount of calamine lotion liberally applied on the arms and neck :)

itchy, huge

I second that, I was scratching all day. The weather was perfect,dusty off the the start but very good conditions. This was my first race with a dead engine start. IT was definitely an experence and cant wait for the next race :)

Hi guys! I completely blew it at Hollister. It was a perfect day. I got off to a great start managed to get through the first bottle neck and pass a few people then tragedy struck. I came tearing around a corner and there was a yellow flag up for a downed rider. I got distracted and fell going around the next turn. Nothing serious got right up picked up my bike and discoverd that my left hand guard was pushed up against the clutch lever. I didn't bring a stupid allen wrench with me. I wound up banging it out with a rock as riders were passing me like crazy. I knew I was screwed. I took off again tring to make up for lost time got through the first check point and made it to the single track section on the side of the hill with the soft loamy soil and fell again this time on the right side pushing the hand guard up to the front break lever. Moved the bike off down the side of the hill to get out of the way and couldn't find any rocks plus dealing with steep grade. Went to bottom of revene found rock and started banging away at the right hand guard getting more ticked at myself the whole time. I learned a lot of lessons that day the hard way. Finally got the bike going and managed to get out of the revien but by then I was exhausted and my self confidance gone. Went to go find a good spot to watch the rest of the race. Still enjoyed being there on that beautiful day watching everyone else complete laps. And even though I didn't do it, I comtemplated hitting myself with a rock for being so stupid. Maybe I can redeem myself at Livermore? Email pjmaust@home.com

Sounds like an adventure!! That downhill with the tree waiting for you at the bottom really got the adrenaline flow'in.. That steep nasty uphill with all the bikes scattered on it was great the two smokes were having fits trying to get traction while the 426 just walked right up threading my way through the downed riders. I had my moments though like being the last one off the starting line and i do mean last,(last row last bike to start) never did get caught up after that.I did have the oportunity of running into Shane Watts literally :shocked:except he ran into me, i felt someone trying to stuff me in a turn and looked over to see him laying on the ground needless to say i pulled over and let him by. Every time my bike would come up to one of those steep drop offs the engine would quit right when i needed to give it some gas. Found the culprit to be a bent rear brake lever it was bent up about two inches so when i thought i let off the back brake the back tire must of still been locked up. I hate it when that happens! that side hill section with the wet rocks was fun it seemed like every time i went through there there was someone stuck on the low side looking up at everyone going by.

good race, huge

Hey Howard, did you run interferance for the local guys in Hollister? Usually, Shane Watts does a little better. :)

Its Suprising Shane didn't do any better who knows maybe he didn't know the short way around the course the way the locals did.

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