Racing? Considering an Harescramble or Enduro

My buddie just took his son up to Hollister Hills this weekend for a Harescramble race. They had a great time his son finished 14th in his first race. He rides a TTR 125 and is 13 not bad. Beat a few 2 smokes and got the holeshot in his starting group against a CR80 and a YZ85. Now my friend wants to try it. He is 45 and just getting back into the sport. I am 30 and just like to ride. I told him I would. Now where can we get some info on some harescramble type races? Were not interested in MX racing just some cross country type stuff. Enduro riding sounds iteresting but I really have no clue on the timing stuff. Any Ideas? Thanks. Later.

I see that your in Ventura Co which I believe puts you in the Dist 37 area. Go to their site at and find a club in your area and contact them or if you want pm me and I'll help get you goin.

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