Gatorade in the radiator

Have you ever wondered what would happen if you lost all your coolant on the trail and still had 25 miles to get back to the truck? So you fix the leak but now your radiator's empty. You're out in the middle of nowhere and all you have is your Camelback full of Gatorade. Do you put that in the radiator?

I had just recently been pondering that question. Yesterday I got the answer. We had been riding pretty hard through some nasty singletrack (well, almost singletrack-it was really just a course the leader picked that went through/over a bunch of felled trees) when Tom, a rider on a YZ426 in our group, pulled up behind us with steam and water spewing all over the place. We thought at first that he was just boiling over because of the slow nature of the "trail." But it was worse than that. The hose that connects the lower left side of the radiator to the water pump had sprung a leak. Luckily, the hole was right next to the hose clamp. All that we had to do was loosen the clamp and slide it to the other side of the hole. So the leak was fixed, but the radiator was pretty much empty. And the YZ doesn't have a overflow reservoir. What to do?

Each of us carries water/Gatorade in varying concentrations but nobody had pure water. The guy with the weakest mixture of Gatorade was chosen as the source of coolant. He filled the radiator from his bite valve, replaced the cap and we fired it up. No leaks-so far, so good. We rode for about 10 minutes and checked it. Still no leaks and it wasn't boiling over. We were worried that the Gatorade would lower the boiling point and would boil over easier than normal. But everything went fine for the rest of the day. We actually continued riding like nothing was different. Tom didn't have any further problems the rest of the day.

Has this kind of thing happened to any of you? What did you do, maintenance-wise after the ride? We suggested that Tom flush the radiator thoroughly several times before he puts in his norma coolant mixture.

But we now know what to do if this happens again.

I think the manual recommends urinating in it. The salts raise the boiling point and it makes for a funnier story later, especially if relying upon your female riding partner to actually hit the hole! :)

WARNING! NEVER use beer! It is better to drink the beer and use its byproducts later to fill the radiator. You need the beer to feel better about the situation, too. Recycling at its finest! Makes for an even funnier story if YOU are a really short guy and can actually hit the hole without help! :D

By the way, cheating by first urinating in the camelback is not funny or recommended.

Now hows about the question in reverse....having filled up your radiator with Gatorade and are marooned in the middle of the desert desperate for something to drink............

Anyhow, I would think that the sugars from the gatorade would increase the boiling temp, but that you would get 'burn on' from the sugar on the real hot part of the cooling circuit. I would give it a real good clean a couple of times and then fill er up and ride.

urinating in the radiator worked for those kids in the movie Red Dawn when the russians attacked, so its gotta be good enough for dirt bikes

I always get onfused and put the Gatorade in the bike and fill my drink bag with coolant. It's not a big deal. The only hard part is finding a can to drain the radiator into so I can pour the coolant out of my water bottle into the radiator and then pour the Gatorade back into the bag. I must have drunk several gallons of Prestone over the years that way! No harmful effects at all. WHAT WAS THAT???? oh, sometimes i hear strange sounds and iugp9sargihp have a hard time ;lkugliuzbdg;gbslfidguhli can't control lgli8hsdgoihp98 spasms.....

Gees, i hope your o.k.

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