I bought a canadian WR426 last year. First california wouldnt let me get it from the shipping company because it had to go through customs. Took an extra 2 weeks and about 15 long distance calls to even get the bike. I went and registered it at the beginning of this year and they gave me a green sticker. Now today I get a letter from the DMV stating that I have a non-complying off highway vehicle. I called DMV and they told me to call the California Air Resources Board. I called the CARB and they told me there is no way I can register this bike for use in california. I asked about a red sticker, she said I cant get any sticker. The green sticker that is already on my bike says June 2004, so I am ok for awhile, unless they run the numbers. But I want to sell this bike next year and get a YZ450. I will have a hard time selling the damn thing with no registration. I am sick of all the BS in this damn state, but Im stuck here for awhile. Any one have any ideas on getting this thing registered?

Arizona may be your answer. I'm going to take my "Red Sticker" DRZ 400 to Arizona and register it there. Arizona appears to have less restrictions then California.

I registered my WR400 in Vermont via the mail, however they have recently changed their rules.

This quote from Dirt Bike magazine pretty much says it all.


"Here in California, it seems like virtually no object, activity or thought

is entirely legal, but we get used to it. We have come to accept the fact

that everyone is in violation of something at all times; we are just waiting

to see what the fine will be. In some states, everything is legal, as long

as it doesn't get in the newspapers."

- Dirt Bike magazine

First get rid of the tree hugging radical officals. Second elect officals who listen to ALL the people, and apply that to any goverment decision that is made. Third protest any unfair treatment through the media,vote, boycott ect. Fourth if all else fails exit stage left, LEAVE like I did! :)

Scott, is 100% correct on this one. My brother did the same thing with a KTM520 and he ended up at the DMV in Arizona. After a little time at Kinko's he was able to doctor the papers to make it look like he bought his bike back East. Goodluck, Eric

California may suck but it's still not the worst . In NJ you can't register a off road bike and those who do get around that have no where to legaly ride them...

I'll give you a $1000 for it since its only good till 04.

Totalitarianism is spreading like a disease! Like with AIDS, California always seems to be the festering grounds. I do not live in the United States of California, and I am sick of that Left Coast state's exaggerated influence upon the rest of this supposedly free country. I often wish the San Andreas would make the world a better place!

OK. Now I will apologize to those citizens who live in and love California AND the concept of Freedom. I really feel sorry regarding your government. Until a year ago, I always counted my blessings for NOT being a Californian as far as liberty Iowa is governed by a stinkin' liberal for the first time in my 41 year life...boy, have things changed in a hurry! We now seem to have everything but the weather!

I say we should all move to Montana, The Last Bastion of Freedom! Heck, ANYWHERE that is too harsh an environment for left-wing wussies is fine by me.

That IS California's Curse, you know: Too beautiful and bountiful for her own good. Attracts all the scum who have gradually outnumbered the "mainstream" real American citizen. Left-wing politicians have seen to this for the sake of "alien" votes.

See my post "they're coming to take me away" for a more detailed follow-up of how am am slowly winning(?) or at least surviving the battle here. Got a lot of encouraging input today...mostly from "the enemy"! I am alone, except for you guys, in my fight here, so the ratio should be about the same in California if there are about a thousand of you... Perhaps it is premature to claim victory, but I definitely have not lost and I have already taken and survived their best shot! I'm on offense now! I LIKE offense!!!! :)


STRIKE EAGLES ATTACK!!!!! They are most vulnerable and totally useless when sitting idly on the ground...I'd rather go down in flames fighting! Name ONE passive civilization or group of people that have NOT been thoroughly conquered and enslaved by that generation's "Liberals"...I give you Adolph Hitler as an example...He couldn't defeat the ones who fought back, though. FIGHT BACK. In fact, don't wait to be attacked; DO the attacking!!!!

California is GREAT. It's our government that Sucks!

"First get rid of the tree hugging radical officals."

I keep trying to sell them on Ebay. (Including Lt Governor like new, never used!) So far no takers.

"Second elect officals who listen to ALL the people, and apply that to any goverment decision that is made."

You need to contribute big bucks to campain funds, then you get your agenda passed. Hey Honda, got a spare million?

"Third protest any unfair treatment through the media,vote, boycott ect."

I do my best.

"Fourth if all else fails exit stage left, LEAVE like I did!"

So where is a good spot? I'm thinking the Southwest or Las Vegas. I do miss being a Nevadan though it was only for a few years.

KEV_XR, A few of us have found the lonely outpost of New Mexico. I think we have the second name in the state (Mexico) to thank for the state of things here. Sometimes it's frustraiting as these things can be, but when it comes to riding thats where the payoff is! :) Good luck with the search and the fight,if we don't stop it every place in the USA and even eventually our Land of Enchantment, New Mexico, will fall into the towering shadow of California's excessively unreasonable and stupid rules and ultracontrol. Don't let California's liberal led ultra control spread like a cancer! Please don't let it!Help stop the insanity.

OK. Now, class, that's our lesson for today in Liberal California Government 101. In a nutshell, what begins in California eventually is exported to the rest of the nation. So, when Dan from HB leaves us a note on some overpaid underworked bureaucrat with a bad comb-over that wants to close our land, what are we going to do boys and girls?

That's right, class, we're going to write our State and Federal Elected Officials and demand that they follow our instructions or risk getting their @$$e$ tossed out of office! That's how it works in a free nation. Elected officials have to do what the people say, or they have to go find a real job.

Those of you who participate will get a gold star and an extra recess to go play in the dirt!

Substitute Teacher for Today


Sell the thing to someone in a state like Oklahoma that doesnt require any paperwork at all as long as it is for off-road use. That must really suck to have to sticker the thing just so you can ride it in the woods. Do you guys have to sticker your lawn mowers too. Lawn mowers are one of the leading cause of environment damage. Maybe they should just outlaw everything motorized.

alright, the dealership i worked at in san diego import CAN modles all the time. there is a way. remeber DMV is where the kids who rode the short bus to school now work. they don't know and don't care about a dirt bike. find a lady, be nice to her(she holds your life in her hands), dress up nice and she will let you father her kids. buttt getting your bike registered is good enough,


WOW! California is tough. And I thought Minnesota was getting bad. When I bought my WR, they laughed at me when I mentioned wanting to title it for off-road use. We just need DNR stickers which you can get for any bike, I mean any bike. $10.00 per year and you can ride any bike in the woods.

Jersey isn't as bad as California, I've lived in both. Actually I would say jersey is pretty easy to register a bike. You go down to Morristown DMV and find the most non-english looking person and give them your info. I have a few buddies who got the CR500s street titled. There is one legal riding area open exit 88 off the parkway, Chatsworth OHV park, and there is supposed to be 5 more opening up in the next few years.

I already got a nice lady at the local DMV to help me thats why I have a green sticker on my bike right now. The main office in Sacramento sent me a letter that says its a non complying off-road vehicle.

Well said Chaindrive.

I expatriated to Ohio for the exact reasons you state. I tried to stand my ground in Sacramento, but you can't rationally argue with morons. I realize now that you can't completely escape the CA (political) mentality, it tends to slowly permeate the nation, so now I fight it wherever I find it.


You might wanna try Nevada. Since your in Chico, it's alot closer than going to Arizona too. Most people here don't even register their bikes. We just go to the local shop here in Reno & get CA "Non-Resident" green stickers. No registration, no bike inspections, they don't even ask what kind of bike you have. Just go in a ask for the sticker & pay the 20 bucks. Thats it. Done.


Is the CA "non resident" green sticker actually a California sticker or a Nevada sticker? Would you have to return to Nevada every year to get one?

Yes it is a California Sticker. Just says Non Resident on it & the year. They are only good for one year at a time and you would have to return to NV to get a new one. If you have any friends in the area, you could always ask them to pick one up for ya & mail it out.

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