Colorado is awesome except for all the California people moving here trying to turn it into another California.

For now, we can just go down to the DMV with a VIN Verification form that's filled out at a place like Grease Monkey, a Certificate of Compliance that you fill out at home and proof of insurance and get your bike titled. If you only want to ride off road, $15 covers your OHV sticker for the year.

Tons of people are moving in here trying to change everything so I can see the writing on wall. Sooner or later I'll have to deal with "Red and Green" stickers. Probably made in California!

I live in Fort Collins which was a conservative farming and ranching community. All these clowns moving in here want to take away everyone's rights that have existed for over a century. Limit new construction, take away firearms, shut down trails to motorized use, buy up farms and turn them into open space that nobody is allowed to use. It Sucks!

Sorry for the rant but it get's to you after a while and I'm just hoping that we don't eventually have the same issues as CA.


Amen brother...........


Dodger :):D

That would be an absolute travesty !

I would hate not to be able to go out there on my once a year mecca.

Bonzai :)

Colorado is awesome except for all the California people moving here trying to turn it into another California.

Hey it's the same here in NH with all the Massachusettes liberals moving in. It used to be they only came here in the summer to spend time at their "Cottages". All non-liberals are welcome though.

During the last presidential election NH was the only New England state that showed some common sense...... I don't no how long we can hold onto that status - help

In Oregon you can go to the local general store, and purchase a OHV sticker, all you need is a VIN number, they dont ask for registration or anything. This is the same person who will be selling you 2 corn dogs for dollar.

Sell me you bike for a $1.oo I will then title it as mine in Oregon. The title is done at DMV like any other vehicle, except they dont bother with the OHV tag/sticker part of it. I think the cost to change a title is around $40. Then I will allow you to ride my new bike in CA with valid OR reg, and OHV sticker, telling the forest pigs, its your buddies bike.

Maybe I could make a business out of helping my southern neighbors out.

Dont move here, everything isnt wrecked yet.

Dang, Team Oatmeal Pie showing the big brain........great idea........I'd be into helping, but it's getting harder and harder around here to plate a bike.........


Dodger :):D

I knew there was a reason I liked these guys.

You guys are right, it seems the average California liberal yuppie scum will ruin everything he/she touches in great conservative bastions like Fort Collins, etc. It has been proven in Washington, Oregon, Arizona, and even Utah to an extent. What's left? Nevada, Idaho, and Montana??

They have been ruining our country as we watch, but their baloney is catching up to them. Since 9-11, most people aren't willing to put up with their nonsense any more. It's time to take care of the important things and quit playing politics with peoples' Constitutional Rights. It's our land, too, and we won't be denied our day in court if that's the way it has to be.

Support BRC, ARRA, Corva, and other land-use rights advocacy groups. They are fighting our battles for us right now.


Dan, you are one of my favorite people! :) I nominate Dan for Governer of California. :D

Hey Paul! You da man!

I will run only if Paul Maust is my Lieutenant Gov and Dan Lorenze is my Atty General. Otherwise go find another boy.


One of the best things you can do is get out and vote on election day. For god's sake VOTE REPUBLICAN!!!

The other thing to remember is don't buy from companies that support these tree hugging psycho's. REI for example, will sell you a mountain bike and turns around and donates to groups who want to shut down trails. I stopped shopping there unless I absolutely can't find the item I need anywhere else.

I'd like to see a list of companies on this site that donate to groups who want to close or limit trail access so we can all steer clear of them. That way, at least we'd know we aren't funding the wrong side.


I am gonna hit you from all sides, Dan from HB!

This part of Washington State is not like the West Side. The Cascade Mountians divide Seattle from the rest of the State. I don't agree with it, but you would be surprised how many people I hear "We need to succeed from those idiots over there, blah blah blah."

Then, we got more of those stupid Calvin stickers than should be allowed. Calvin peeing on "Seattle", "Environmentalists", "Democrats" and "Tree-Huggers".

To an outsider, might make it look like conservatives are a bunch of haters.

Not all of Washington State is what is perceived outside of our boundaries.


This was nice of the Sierra Club to list the political people who support them. Notice that while the majority is Democrat, there are some Republicans in there as well.

Sierra Club Endorsed Candidates

Here is a list of Sierra Club Benefactors.

Sierra Club Benefactors

All endorsed by SIERRA CLUB.


CA 01 Mike Thompson D Incumbent

CA 06 Lynn Woolsey D Incumbent

CA 07 George Miller D Incumbent

CA 08 Nancy Pelosi D Incumbent

CA 09 Barbara Lee D Incumbent

CA 10 Ellen Tauscher D Incumbent

CA 11 Elaine Shaw D Challenger

CA 13 Pete Stark D Incumbent

CA 14 Anna Eshoo D Incumbent

CA 15 Mike Honda D Incumbent

CA 16 Zoe Lofgren D Incumbent

CA 17 Sam Farr D Incumbent

CA 23 Lois Capps D Incumbent

CA 27 Brad Sherman D Incumbent

CA 28 Howard Berman D Incumbent

CA 29 Adam Schiff D Incumbent

CA 30 Henry Waxman D Incumbent

CA 31 Xavier Becerra D Incumbent

CA 32 Hilda Solis D Incumbent

CA 33 Diane Watson D Incumbent

CA 34 Lucille Roybal-Allard D Incumbent

CA 35 Maxine Waters D Incumbent

CA 36 Jane Harman D Incumbent

CA 37 Juanita Millender-McDonald D Incumbent

CA 38 Grace Napolitano D Incumbent

CA 39 Linda Sanchez D Open

CA 47 Loretta Sanchez D Incumbent

CA 53 Susan Davis D Incumbent

CA 51 Bob Filner D Incumbent

And for the most part most of you are right, CA does suck and spreads its views like a cancer on the rest of the US. But some of us love it here and fight the good fight.


So, Brandon, you are saying all the California liberal yuppies that moved to Wash State in the late 80's/early 90's didn't ruin the Eastern half? That's good. But my comments were mainly aimed at the part they did wreck. Can't blame some up there for wanting to secede. What we conservative Californians perceive is that our liberal former neighbors moved up there and took a perfectly good state and turned it into a mini Bay Area.

I see the most hate and intolerance from those who keep telling me I need to love and tolerate everyone regardless of what they do or say to me. These are the same people that want you and I out of the forests and deserts with our vehicles.

Oh, but it's ok to start forest.....errrr....campfires. These are the people we are dealing with.


These are the people we are dealing with.

Dan the man, You are right sir!!!!

Dan, those are Hate Groups. Their mission in life is to make anyone who doesn't agree with them pay the price: FREEDOM and Happiness. They are the open-arms groups for all the can't-think-for-themselves, miserable, self-loathing losers in the world. "Save the whale: outlaw dirtbikes!" Gee, I like whales, so now I need to hate dirtbikers... :D

That is what separates us from them: We accept people who do not ride, or hunt, or whatever. We don't hate or even judge anybody simply because they don't like or dislike the same things we do. That's perfectly OK. It is when they start forcing their beliefs and values on us that I get REAL ticked!

To me, they are the same as homosexual "activists". I simply don't care and don't want to know what a stranger's preferences are and they are welcome to them. But when it becomes a subject taught to my kids in school, or a political platform, or a "victim's rights group" demanding special recognition and concessions....well, now I DO care. And I definitely won't be supportive; I will now be very resentful and combative toward people whose right to do their own thing I would have continued to support as strongly as my own. But now they think the best way to get what they want (happiness? self-respect? freedom?) is to TAKE it from someone else.

There are always enough people like this to attract the real scum-bag politicians who WANT people DEPENDENT upon them (the govt.). "Vote for me and I'll help you steal what you refuse to earn! Pulling that lever is WAY easier than working for your happiness..." :)

I always had a very air-tight argument for anyone who condemned hunting: "Since 98% of all your contributions to your favorite anti-hunting group ACTUALLY goes for "administrative expenses" and 100% of my hunting license fees go DIRECTLY to buying and maintaining land and wildlife habitat (much of it as no-hunting preserves), who is doing more for your cause?". The best thing a person who "loves" animals can do to help wildlife is to purchase a hunting license. Especially if there are a limited number being sold. Get your Sierra buddies together and buy them all up! Every tag you purchase is one less that will go to an actual hunter. You can feel good about singlehandedly 'saving' a deer."

It should be the same for these anti-riding groups. Don't like us using land? BUY IT. Not for sale? That's because it belongs to everyone! Use it, too. We share! Cheaper to buy the politicians, unfortunately. And with the AMA "spearheading" our cause (roll-eyes smilie), we can't exactly say ANY significant portion of our money goes for anything other than "administrative expenses" either... :D

"...and the Trees are all kept "equal" by Hatchet...Axe...and Sword." {RUSH: "The Trees"} That song pretty well says it all.

Well said, Chaindrive. But you're up way too early like me.

Hey Dan. Thanks, but you're up way too late, LOL!


You back a dog into a corner, he will come out "Hateful and Intolerant"

Also Montana is no safe haven, It depends which side of the Rockies you are on. Anyone from the Big Sky state care to enlighten us??

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