California is where I have seen a "Save the whales, Boycott Japanese goods." bumper sticker on the back of Honda Civic. (The irony and hypocracy made me laugh so hard I almost fell off my Yamaha.)

California is where you will hear people say hunting and killing animals is wrong, they say, "Let's go get a burger."

California is where you buy a new shotgun and need to buy a new lock for the gun. Never mind that the shotgun comes with a cable lock that will render it inoperable, you need to buy a lock on the "California approved list". There is only one lock approved for many shotguns and almost all of the locks are made by the same company. (Kickback??? Err, should I say campaign contributions?)

California is where many auto shops will need to buy dynomometers to smog check older cars. The cost to shops will be about $50,000 which means the cost to smog check a car will go up to about $80.

I spend more and more of my free time fighting for the right to ride my mtn bike and let my dogs run off-leash when I take them for a walk.

Bad laws and bad ideas often start here and get spread nation wide. Help us get California under control again.

If you live in California, vote!

If you live outside of California, contribute to your own cause by fighting bad laws being developed in California.

The Blue Ribbon Coalition and other's can help.

Kev is right.



Does anyone know when Vermont changed their reg. requirements? Whew, got mine done just in time! :)

Yes, Montana is bad too. We are currently building a grain elevator near Pompeys Pillar, and the tree huggers went absolutely nuts, got us kicked offsite and now two years later we are finalyy building again.

If you asked people around where I live, they WILL say that this State (all of it) has been ruined by Liberals. This is also the same group who will say this town now sucks because it takes 20 minutes commute from one end to the other, when 10 years ago, it only took 5. They have a complaint, but whose fault is it? And what is a sensible remedy?

Everybody wants growth for their community, but the side-effects are another issue.

I really believe that Republicans are fighting to preserve a past that never was, and Democrats are fighting for a future that never will be.

Politics today scares me a little bit to be honest with you.


Hi, i'm new to the forum having only just got a WR400 a couple of weeks ago(first off roader) thats a hell of a list odf bikes you've got there. if your interested i've got a set 41mm flatsides and dyno coils for your blade, that you can have for $500(Australian)+postage, if your interested email me at lmcconnochie@hotmail,com



Hi Lachy,

I'm probably not interested in putting anymore money in the bike. It's in awesome shape and is dialed in very well for this altitude right now. I just don't have enough time to ride it anymore and have thought of getting rid of it recently.

I've had a lot of bikes over the years. My wife gives me a lot of crap about getting rid of them and buying new one's all the time. I only have 5 in the garage right now and I want to do more to my WR. At least she's cool with having bikes for me and the boys.

Thanks anyway.


RoosteR13, You have me confused :D, Do you live in Iowa and are building an elevator in Montana? PLEASE don't tell me Montana is getting Cali-fornicated, too! :) I thought Montanans would secceed from the Union first... :D

"5 more legal riding areas opening in jersey"

where'd you hear that?

where are these alleged area's?

In Moonachie NJ an electrical supply house lets people ride on their front lawn if they buy a light bulb. :)

i ride awesome track!

g :)

This has been an interesting post. Here is some info on the proposed monument in Utah. Hopefully this won't go through. Those of you who have not ridden this area have missed out. It may be closed soon which really sucks.

It's in the middle of nowhere, littered with uranium mines and about as desolate as you can get and they are still trying to shut it down. The riding is fantastic to say the least.

San Rafael Swell, Utah

Hey ymaxcbr.......SHHHHHHHHHHH! We need people to start moving out of here, not into here. So listen up everybody....Colorado sucks!! Stay away! Our girls are fat, bald and ugly, the mountains are tiny, there is no place to ride dirtbikes, and every man must get his dick and balls cut off before entering the state. So stay where you are in california, texas, jersey etc. This place is hell!! :D:)

I thought all those facts came across in my post. You forgot to mention that the beer here sucks, Greeley stinks because of the feed lot, housing is very expensive, roads are inadequate, it snows a lot, etc.

I of course moved here prior to the genital removal requirements. Anyway, your post made me laugh. The last one I sent in referred to Utah anyway.


What kind of paper work did you get with your bike? I just bought a KTM 450 from a guy in Can, but he registers them in his name and then you buy it as a used bike. I have been told this makes a difference.

Study your history wimps. Colorado was a part of Texas! You are all still crying about us. If it wasnt for Texans spending INCREDIBLE amounts of money there, you would still be the hick miners you were.

That has to be one of the most moronic statements I have yet to read on this site. I am now dumber for just having read this post.

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