Failed sound test w/ Q Pipe

I ahev been in communication with the rangers at stoneyford and middlecreek.

They run the sound tests at the enduros.

They say a "Q" pipe has a 50/50 chance of passing the 101 db limit they enforce now.

They also had the opinion that there was little chance of any blue bike passing the 96db limit that will be enforced on jan01 03.

The CRD although has been claimed to have passed the usfs test for approval is still not legal in their eyes.

I am adding a cobra sparky to the end of my crd pipe in the hopes of having a legal quiet pipe.

This news was shocking to say the least and am going to talk to these guys more about testing procedures and possibilities.

What is up with the "blue bike" profiling these rangers seem to be doing at Stonyford and elsewhere? I was there recently with a KTM 400MXC which had an aftermarket pipe. Mine is stock but generated all the attention from the ranger. Ranger b-lined straight to my bike. Didn't even blink at the pumpkin. He refered to my bike as "the blue one" and had to check. He looked right at my pipe and thanked me for being legal. (had the baffle in) I inquired why he said "blue bike" and didn't worry about the Orange one? No definative answer. Just that they don't worry about the orange bikes.

Its racist I tell you !!!!


Fryboy - I haven't had any trouble with the rangers at Stonyford or Middle Creek. In fact I've riden right by a sound check at Stonyford because the ranger waved me by - not an enduro, just recreational riding. He could hear my bike and 'knew' it would pass.

SFO - my bike has been measured at 95 & 96 dBA on two occassions - both at Middle Creek. I run a Thumper Racing Quiet Core in my stock '99 exhaust system.

There is a HUGE difference between a 96dBA bike and a 103 dBA bike. I like bikes and I can't stand to be around a bike that's blowing 103dBA. It's plain inconsiderate.


I inquired why he said "blue bike" and didn't worry about the Orange one? No definative answer. Just that they don't worry about the orange bikes.

My pal's 520 with an FMF somethingorother on it is louder than my YZ with that FMF Q. And since most guys run aftermarket exhausts on their blue bikes, esp. YZs since you need a sparky to ride public, the rangers have quickly figured out that blue=loud.

Reading this post again made me think even more that Bill Dart is a tool. As Kaze states above the FMF Q is the pipe Bill touts in that ridiculous article he penned for the BRC newsletter. No way will that pipe come in under 96 Db on our bikes.

I think that by the time you get a 426 down to 96Db it will probably not run very well, at the least you are going to need to rejet.

Before you cut that next check to the AMA or BRC, remember that they supported the park ranger-enforced CA Db limit law. Whose side are these jerks on, anyway?

My condolences to all who live and ride on public land in CA. If anybody sees Bill Dart headed to my state, please let me know, I'd like to talk to him before he supports a similar law in my area.

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