cleaning "Tricks & Trinkets"

I know this subject has been posted before however, with this years riding season starting to hit full swing, lets inform everyone how easy it is for you to keep your bike in show-room condition after a hard days ride.

My offerings are simple

*simple green --- spray it on - let it soak - hose it off.

*armor all --- (tires only) if your smiling you've done the same thing I did. (once) :)

Armor All is GREAT under your fenders. Although it does not last real long, the dirt doesn't stick to Armor All!

Don't forget the golf tee in the spark plug drain hole before you wash it...

A small tip, but who likes rusty spark plugs?

Besides, I wanted to reply to something to get to the 200-posts mark... LOL


Armor All on the tires....No Thank you....I still remember that cool crisp fall morning that I went riding in the mountains with freshly armor all'd tires.....The beautiful morning dew glistening on the trail and rock ledge were very beautiful...FROM UNDERNEATH MY BIKE, AFTER A HALF GAINER COMPLEMENTS OF THE ARMOR ALL ON MY TIRES...I think I'll stick with the simple green on the tires, they look just as good and doesn't interfere with traction.

CDI Engine Detailer does make ol blue shine like brand new after a bath....Keeps the rubber hoses lubricated as well.

Bonzai :)

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