Decompression plug

Will the same decompression plug fit a 04 YZ 450F M.C & YFZ 450 Quad ??? I cant find any info on the bike,Just the quad.BTW the Thumper talk store wont let me choose a color for their Decompression plug,so therefor it will not let me order the plug.. Whats up with that????:busted:

The answer to your first question is yes, the same plug will fit.

As to your second question, there looks to be a problem with the web page. I'd suggest calling your order in so that one of the guys at the store can get you what you need.

Yes. It will fit the quad. You can choose from clear anodized, clear anodized or clear anodized. We used to sell the blue and red, but the demand was pretty low, so we simplified and settled on a single color.

Thanks for the quick reply guys,i will call & order one,clear anodized is just fine.:busted:

Actually, it appears that we have sold out of them.

Due to lack of demand because they are not required on the new bikes, we decided to discontinue them once the last of our inventory sold out.

As of now, they are sold out and we will not be making anymore.

Well, then, let me suggest an alternative: an 18mm brass or steel cup plug (freeze plug, expansion plug) from an auto parts store will do the job inexpensively, and much more dependably than the OEM plug. They are a little more difficult to install, though.

Sorry for the incorrect info! I knew that we were discontinuing them, but I thought we still had some left! Thx for setting me straight BW...

Where do i find info about installing the brass

or steel plugs that u refer to???Question

The ideal thing would be to remove the right radiator so that you have a straight shot at the bore. Then select a punch, a piece of rod, an old bolt, a deep socket, or just about anything the will fit into the cup of the plug. It should be nearly as large as the biggest diameter that will fit, but it needs some clearance, too, because the cup will be compressed radially as it goes into the bore, and if your selected driver fits too tightly, it will get stuck in the plug as it "shrinks".

Use a little bit of a good sealant (I recommend #3 Permatex. Don't use RTV silicon or Teflon pipe sealant) position the plug in the bore and drive it into place as straight as you can, stopping when it comes up flush with the bore face, or bottoms out, whichever comes first.

Alternatively, if you own a big set of Channel-Lock type water pump pliers, and have good strong grip, you can use a short socket and the pliers as shown in the picture here. Remember, the plugs cost under $2 each, if you jack one up, just try again.


thanks a million for your info on the brass plug fix Greyracer,I found a decom plug on ebay so problem solved.Ordered today. Thanks Dan.:busted:

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