best way to put stickers on?

Hey guys just picked up the new graphics for my 426 and was wondering the best way to put them on. Has anyone tried the wet method and do they end up lasting as well doing it this way? I just want to make sure I get them on straight without any air bubbles.


i soap up everything before i put stickers on and squeegee out all the water and soap , works great . just make sure you squeegee it all out .

thanks. Whats the best way to squeeze it out? my dealer said to use a hair dryer or heat gun to help have u tried this?

I've never done it so I don't have any input. But I would like to see what it looks like when done. Please post some pics, thanks

thanks. Whats the best way to squeeze it out? my dealer said to use a hair dryer or heat gun to help have u tried this?

Heat gun (on a low setting) and a solid rubber squeegee...little patience and you will have no problems and a long lasting solution. Maybe obvious to you (but not to all) from the inside out.

make sure the surface is clean, then apply slowly. dont rush

windex... spray, put down sticker, move it to the position you want, wait 10 minutes.

how do I know??? The first time I put a large sticker on a Winston West (Nascar) car I screwed it up and thought they we're gonna kill me. Instead they handed me a bottle of windex and showed me the art of 'graphic placement'. :busted:

Do a search on applying graphics. This has been discussed ALOT.

The easiest way is to use regular blue windex, a hair dryer, and a dish towel/rag.

Make sure you plastics are clean. Lightly spray the plastics with windex, peel back the graphic backing and spray that too. Place the graphics on the plastics and line them up. Warm them up with a hair dryer a bit. ( this will make them soft and bendable to mold to the curves of the plastic ). Use the towel and your hand press the graphic into place. I use the towel just to make it slide over the graphic smoother and I get a good press this way. Start in the middle and work to the outside making sure you are press all the air bubbles out. When you get to the edges, this is where the hair dryercomes more into play. Heat up the graphics. It mght look ike its not gonna lay and stay down. It will, just use that heat on it and keep pressing it down. If you mess up you should be able to just lift and peel the graphics up as long as you didn't comepletely press it down. Becareful not to stretch them either to much while peeling them up.

Applying graphics takes alot of patience..... ALOT OF PATIENCE

Take your time and good luck.

thanks mate that helps alot sorry if its been covered before. Ill post a pic when Im done

I've used the windex method with the hair dryer and had no problems. The Windex lets you move the graphics around on the plastics so you get it perfect. If you can use a small steam gun like the dry cleaners to pull off old graphics without warping or damaging the plastics. They peel right off with no residue left behind.

Clean plastics with brake cleaner to remove any gas or oil. I used a spray designed for installing window tint and it worked great. Use a credit card to remove excess liquid. It helps to have a heat gun. Use it on low for only a second to help form them to any bends.

How do you re-stick graphics that are starting to peel back after a couple of years?

Using a hair dryer and windex is great advice!

But, the best advice given was "Applying graphics takes alot of patience..... ALOT OF PATIENCE!"

I have done graphics that I was ready to throw away because it seemed that they would never form to the side panel. Lucky for me I didn't give up. I continued to re-heat, re-wet, and re-work them until they fit. Some graphics were such a pain that I would gladly pay top dollor to any one who could put them on right for me.

I recently scratched my custom Attack graphics. I would happily pay for a new set but it's not worth the trouble it took to get them to fit properly. I just hope that the next fall is on the scratched side. I will have to ugly them up a little more before I have the heart to take on that challenge again.

Keep looking at bikes that have difficult graphics on them to remind yourself, "if they can do it so can I." The radiator shrouds are easy comapaired to the curved side panels. The one over the silencer, that's the bigest pain.

P.S. That was another good question, " How do you re-stick graphics that are starting to peel back after a couple of years?

Good luck, S/T.

Thanks for ur help guys it turned out well. It was a yz kit so i had to trim it a bit to fit but I used windex and a hair dryer and had no problems. I would post a pic but im not sure how to...

I would post a pic but im not sure how to...

Just open an account on photobucket. It's free!

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