New to Kicking question?

I'm one of those electric start boys that have just moved onto a WR426! I know you lot have been kicking for years so you probably know your bike but over the weekend I had a right nightmare getting my started. I had trouble finding the correct place to kick so the kick went all the way thought the full cycle. I hope this makes sence. So I used the de-compresser to move on a few revolutions and then tried again. Is there an easy way to find the correct place to kick?

Sorry if this seems like a stupid question but kicking in the wrong place bloody hurt!

Thanks Big Girl's blouse.

Cold - open choke, Pull comp. release in, kick 2X through, let go of comp. release, kick through slowly until compression, pull comp. release, push kick start lever 1 inch, 2 small squirts of gas 1/4-1/2 inch throttle movement. now KICK LIKE A MAN. mine starts every time within 2 kicks

Hot- same sequence, no choke, NO twisting throttle. If bike was dumped pull hot start button instead of choke

Same as Gregg - cold I pull the choke, kick to the compression stroke, pull decompression lever, move kickstart lever about 1 inch, then I give the throttle 1 full twist open and closed before I kick it hard. Mine starts every time like this.

Hot, no choke or throttle. If dumped, I'll pull the hot start and kick it through a few times with the decompression lever pulled. Kick it, if it doesn't start push the hotstart back in, kick it and it'll start.

To start right away with the very first kick..... COLD: I pull the black choke, kick without decompression until solid at top, then pull in decompression lever and press kick lever 2", release decompression lever and return to top position on kick lever, then without any gas, one kick all the way through and the bike starts right away.

When HOT: same as above, but no choke, and definately NO GAS! If it doesn't start on the first kick (very rare), then I use the hot start.


try it first without any gas

you will wet foul your plugs if you put to much gass in at first.

Hey Follet, the easiest way is to go to

they show a video clip with Doug Dubach starting

the bike. there is 2-3 clips with him starting the bike cold and hot!Go to the wr426, it will say starting it a couple of times,then go sart your bike! lol

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All good tips. I never give it the gas. The problem I see with other people trying to start my bike (especially 2 strokers) is you have to realize a 4 stroke needs 2 more revolutions than a 2 stroke. So, while you can quit the kick of a 2 stroke about ¾ of the way down you must completely kick all the way as far down as possible to start a 4 stroke. By the way, I just bought a bunch of used parts for my WR 400 and in the lot was a shorter kicker. Whats that about?


That shorter kicker sounds like what I've been looking for. Even with a 34" inseam, I'm embarrassed to say that I have a helluva time getting my leg high enough for the stock kicker!

Not so flexible in my hips anymore so I use my crutch-stand to get enough leg into it. If I have to remove it for race rules or kill it in soft stuff where the stand sinks, I'm in trouble. Maybe there are other solutions? Otherwise, let me know if you decide to sell that shorter one, I've heard they are available from Yamaha, but have only seen the high-dollar aftermarket billet ones. Too much $! :)

Thanks for all the help. I understand all the hot and cold start stuff. I think I might have been moving the kicker on too far. There is an exhaust stroke and a compression stroke. When I was trying to start I seemed to get half way through the kick and then it was like hiting a brick wall! the kicker just stops, so obviously I have choosen the wrong stroke to kick. Does it matter if it is the exhaust or compression stroke?

Thanks Rich

The critical part not to be messed up is:

First - When you get to the "top dead center" (the point that the piston gets to the hardest part of the stroke (compression), and then pull in the compression release lever, don't move the kickstarter more than 1" ( this is critical when learning).

Second - and don't forget to take your finger off the compression release lever immediately after you have moved the kick starter only 1" - BEFORE you kick hard all the way through the stroke.

I have had so many people try to start my YZ 400f since I bought it 4 years ago. It still amazes me how many people mess these steps up, even when I am standing there next to them telling them exactly what to do.

Watch the video! :)

It gets Hard on the compression stroke. The exhaust valves are open (no compression resistance) on the exhaust stroke (hopefully) so you are always starting the ritual at the top of the compression stroke. Pull release, go a hair past, return kicker to top, and let 'er rip! You will regret it painfully if you hold the throttle open when you do! Learn to park it in the "cocked and locked" position each time you shut it off, so the valves are closed...danged 2 stroke- parked-bike-pitside-throttle -twisters!! :)

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