Best price on an '07 or '08 450 in the NW?

Has anyone received an outstanding deal on a new '07 or '08 in Washington, Idaho or Oregon? I'm in Eastern WA and looking to replace the '04 with a new rig. Been going to Westside Honda/Yamaha here in Spokane for years but they're not willing to jump far from MSRP. Best I've seen locally so far is an '08 for $6799 at Spokane Yamaha *before* tax,title,license, blah blah. Not horrible, but nothing to write home about either. In their (possible) defense, I haven't initiated a haggle to find out what the real price is.

I'm seeing OTD prices in the $5000-6200 range (depending on the year) in Socal and Central US, any deals like that around here? I'd prefer not to have something shipped.

I am looking for the Same deal here in San Antonio on a 07-08 YZ or CRF450

Found a few for $5000 for a like new 07 CRF

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