where do you mount a flag on the XR650R for dunes?

does anyone have a good place to mount a flag for dune riding on the BRP? i know some guys where it on their chest protector. i already called (little sahara in ok) and they said it must be mounted on the bike.

I believe http://www.rockymountainmc.com sells flags and mounts, which bolt right up with the stock axle nut. Do a search for "flag" and I think it should come up. Good luck. :D

PS Cool name! :):D

When I had my 650, I used a very sano mount that bolted up under the rear fender on the left side of the bike, it was made just for the XR650R. I'll be damn if I can remember who made it. Look around at some shops, maybe they'll have something like it.

When I was at sand lake, OR I bought a bracket that bolts into the muffler mounts on right rear fender. This piece was just for XR650R and cost about $30. The Axel seems favourable but what ever works and is cheap.

Those axle mounts aren't very good. I had one and it got bent and twisted and finally broke within a couple rides. My dad got, I think, a 5"-6" piece of steel from work and drilled a few holes in it to mount to my muffler mounts. It works great and is pretty much out of your way when riding.

I mounted a small angle bracket to the chain gaurd tabs on my L. I ran the pole next to the rear fender and zip tied it to the subframe. Leave slack for the pole to slide.

It's cheap and not real pretty, but it worked for the weekend.

Good Luck

I built a mount from 1/2" square tubing and a piece of 1x1.5x1/8th steel. I drilled the tubing and the bracket off the stock muffler to match, bent the tubing after the muffler so the flag would stand up straight then welded the flat piece of steel to the tubing. I use a "Sand Nutz" to mount the flag to the piece I built. The sand nutz is a collet type of dohickey :D use a 1 inch piece of rubber fuel hose on the flag above the nutz to keep the mast from working it's way downward with gravity and vibration. When, not if you break the flag mast off above the nutz, just slide the fuel tubing up the mast and reinsert it into the sand nutz, no tools required. :D I have used this setup for the last couple of years, nothing else I've tried works near as well. The no tools thing is what makes it, cause you will break the flag off, over and over and over. :)


I hate to bug out but it looks like I am going to take the old smoker WR. It has a new piston and ripes well. I have a flag mount on the caliper protector backet - looks like it was made just for it. Very tough choice on bikes but I will look into the flag infor. What I pain on the XR650R flag mounting, but well worth it if you do not get run over. Looks like everyone could benefit from this infor.

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