new rims sizes?

I am looking to replace my bent rims..

will the 20"x1.85 front rim be good on a 426?? is there a good selection of tires in this size?

I ride a lot of sand and my exist. rim is 21"x1.65".

thanks in advance

I wouldn't recommend the 20", and no, I don't think that there is a very extensive tire selection for them.

Using a wider tire for sand is usually held to be the wrong solution. It will "float" better in a straight line, but I think that you'll find it won't corner well because it won't set in and dig.

Sand is a lot like a fluid in many ways. Only by digging into it can you push against it without it moving out from under you. The best sand knobbies, IMO, are those on which the outer two rows of knobs are in line with each other, forming two straight rows in an almost ribbed tread kind of fashion, with straight grooves between them. Additionally, I think it helps if these two rows of knobs are staggered with each other so that sand moving straight across the tread does not have a straight lateral groove to run in, but will encounter the next row of blocks.

The Dunlop 755 seems to work well for me in the desert overall, and in sand in particular. Also good would be the 773, or the Michelin S2 or S3.

Another thing is that because of the nature of sand, you need to adjust to getting weight over the front when entering a turn to force the tire into the sand, and to the fact that the sand IS going to move under the tire, no matter what kind you use. It's a little unsettling to know the front end is going to slip, but if you do it right the rear will follow, and things will work out. Mostly a technique thing.

Thanks Grey, some nice reading.. I need to keep my turns easy, I like my bike the way it is (forks by Kessler) and I love sand (grew up riding sand in Long Island). Sooo Im not out racing, but to wheelie at will while riding with the kids is great. :busted:

Well this front rim is priced right on that bay site, but then add shipping.... there is also a rear rim but the size is 19x2.15

Ill keep searching. This was only for the front rim, I would still need the rear (my rims are bent front and back).

I will stick with the 21" front and 19"x 2.5" rear. My idea was get gold rim/spokes use my existing hubs

I got an eleven year old who I want to show how to lace up a rim. :worthy:

there is also a rear rim but the size is 19x2.15
19 x 2.15 is the standard rim size for your bike.

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