vapor installed

Just installed my vapor computer with dash kit, looks terrific and totally modernizes the bike (other than the suspension, frame, and engine).

Anyways, for the retarded question of the day, I'm configuring the tach - how many pulses per revolution should I set - 1,2, or 0.5?

0.5, because the motor revolves twice for every one spark (hence 4-stroke)?

Am I right? Brain no worky today.

If the coil fires only on compression TDC, I would think .5...

when i put mine on i just ran it and it worked, just watch your rpms if they seem high or low then adjust your vapor accordingly

i did the same as dmv......the rpm's at idle match my moose hour meter's tach......that's the sure fire way to tell if it's right.,,,,,,,get a tach/hour meter......35 bucks

I finally got a chance to run it last night... it was spot on after I adjusted it to 2 PPR. I don't really understand why... but what the hell it works. Maybe it's becasue I have the positive and negative leads hooked directly to the pos and neg leads on the coil and no inductive wrap around the plug wire. Seems to work. And let me say, the vapor is awesome - so much better visibility at night than the stock speedo.

On a side note, I was left with an extra keyed power lead after everything installed (used to be the stock speedo light bulb). I removed the bulb and left the socket sitting behind the vapor. Any suggestions on something cool to do with it? 12volt accessory socket, etc?

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