asv lever set up

I have a 2006 wr450. I am looking at getting the asv c-5 series clutch lever and clutch perch with hot start and brake levers. I am reading there is no fitment for the perch with hot start, but is there anything I can use with replacing the perch, lever and hotstart?

I am also looking at the msr pro raptor clutch lever and perch with hot start. any info would be very nice


The only reason it says that it will not fit is because there is a shutoff switch that will not let the e start work without the clutch engaged. You can disable this and use the universal lever perch and hotstart.

so I can just use the asv c-5 perch with hot start if disabled? How can I tell if it is already disabled? I bought the bike from a stunt rider and he has a cut msr clutch lever and perch on it with no hot start hooked up.

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