MB1 or Pro Action

Pro Action got my stuff done the same day. Never used MB1, but I'm happy with the Pro Action suspension on my CRF450 and my son's RMZ450.

I will NEVER have a local independent guy do my stuff again. I've learned the hard way twice. It's too hit-and-miss. At least these companies will stand behind their work and help you tweak it until you are happy with it.

MB1 has tons of experience with both showa and kayaba suspension. If your honest about your riding type, ability and weight it will be awesome! More often than not if a good suspension company errors on a revalve it's because they didn't have the correct info from the rider- says int when really pro or the other way around. The revalve depends on the information provided-if the info is incorrect the revalve will be off. Mike does all of the calculations and valve stacks himself, not some teenager looking at a chart like some of the big companies. I like the fact that you can actually talk to the guy doing the revalve. Although his personel touch may take a little longer it is well worth it. Mike has actually called one of my friends when he had an issue and discussed it with him. It was my friends fault as he said he was an intermediate when really he rides with the pros. I have it on my 06 YZ250f and I love it-soaks up the square edge stuff, corners better, tracks strait and takes the big hits without bottoming. My YZ450 suspension is in there right now and I can't wait to get it back. You won't go wrong with MB1
would you give a ride report on the suspension when you get a chance?id really like to hear how it turned out.thx.chris.
they can if they choose to. im not a pro or anything. i just want to get the best work done to my bike as possible. if MB1 dosent want to have my business then so be it. im trying to do whats best for me.

Not sure about your comment regarding if MB1 wants your biz or not? Did they not respond to you or something?

p.s. here's an interview with the rider whos's from the East Coast.



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