May Need a Stock Header - How much??

Let's just say yesterday was a trying day and leave it at that :D !

Layed it down, (right side) in forth yesterday, smooth dirt road, 30 degree right hand turn, a little lean into the turn, whooaahhh, there goes the front end, just pushing and not grabbing (crappy 739's, when am I going to learn :) !!).

At any rate, once my bike stopped, I noticed that I no longer have any clearance problems getting to my oil filter, bent my header up about 2 1/2 to 3 inches, CRAPPPPP! A little boot presure and managed to bend it back down about 1/2 the way. Now, no leak where the header seats up against the head, and no cracks on the header, did a full inspection, and I was able to ride all the way home with no problems. So, anyone see any long term problems with running with a slightly "modified" header?? It really isn't that distorted, but it's not perfect. I'm a little short on cash at this point, so won't be able to replace it for a couple months. Let me know, I plan on riding her as is :D !

Thanks as usual;

Dodger :D:D


Sorry to hear your getoff I was ridin' with rookies this weekend so I didnt lay it down, but, watched my 350 suzy get dumped about three times. I now have lots of new custom work on that ride.

IMHO a bend in the head pipe my make some difference in the bikes performance if it drastically changes the shape , but, If you already rode it, and, there are no crakes or holes, there shouldn't be any issues in its present condition.

But I'm not an expert.

Race :)

I've been riding mine with a "custom" header for over a year with no problems. I went sliding sideways into a tree and the headpipe was at the point of impact. I, too, have no more oil filter clearance problems. It also made a dent at the very front apex of the pipe about 3 inches long. I followed the instructions motoman393's web site to fix it. So now the dent is almost unnoticable, the pipe's still bent, but the bike runs just fine.

Hey Dodger, I have actually considered performing this very modification until I can afford aftermarket. I was going remove it from the bike first, unless you are gonna be available to do it for me? :D I hate the thought of crashing on purpose. :)

The only possible dangers are: Being bent too close to something. Cracking your exhaust port. Snapping off the exhaust bolts. Restricted flow if smashed. None of these things happened?

Enjoy your easier oil changes!! :D

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