Dampers on the WR

So what kind of dampers are people running on their 07-08 WR450F

I am interested in getting one but am not really familiar with the technology.

As a fairly novice rider I do find that stupid steering mistakes cause me a lot of body ache...

I see Scotts and Motorsportz but that is about it...

Are there any good write ups about the different types and what forces they damp?

I have a scott's submount on my 07 wr 450 . It helps headshakes and with the the bar being ripped from your hands by a rock or rutt . the scotts you can adjust the high and the low speed damping along with the dampening radius. I'm unsure where there is a good write up. here's some links and a pic of mine




Yea I saw some of your posts in some other threads from my search... Nice setup. I am guessing a big tank is in my future also...


I know you can fine tune a scott's better then a gpr one . but it also cost about a 100 more . so it really comes down to what you need . I know my damper has saved my butt a few times

Money is not really the object on getting a damper, Keeping my butt out of the dirt is the object here...

I was just looking to get some input on the different type of Dampers out there.

Are there any reviews out there???

I have been running a GPR top mount setup on my 07 for about a year. Great addition! Just as stated above, keeps the bars from being torn out of your hands, saves a lot of energy on longer rides. I run my fork tubes up in the clamps as much as the taper will allow for a little quicker steering. That can makes the bike feel pretty nervous at higher speeds. The damper fixes that side effect. Any damper will help smooth out your favorite hooped out trail.:busted:

So with some more research I find that the Scotts only dampens going away from center. where the GPR and Motosportz dampen both ways.

Anyone see any advantages or disadvantages with bi-directional dampening??

I just added a Scotts to my '05. It does everything that people say. I would add owning sand and gravel to that list. I ride around a lot of RR tracks and on top of that 2" crushed gravel. Before the Scotts, it was no fun and a tiring challenge to go more than a couple hundred yards on that stuff. Last week, I turned up my new Scotts, and went about 5 miles in 4th gear easily and it was even fun. Sand has a similar reaction. Also, my bike is plated and it's night and day better on the freeway now.

I too went with the SUB mount and love the 1" higher bars.

So with some more research I find that the Scotts only dampens going away from center. where the GPR and Motosportz dampen both ways.

Anyone see any advantages or disadvantages with bi-directional dampening??

I have no direct experience but I have read that some people don't like to "fight" to get their steering back to center.

I am in the same boat as you. Don't know which one to get.:busted: It seems to me there are a lot more Scott users around here than GPR.:worthy:

I honestly don’t think it matters. I run a GPR and love it. I have friends that run Scotts and love them. I think the adjustability stuff is kind of dumb. You will find a setting you like and keep it there. I haven’t found myself saying "man I wish my damper had a little more hs damping." Once you have it installed you will see that it is kind of a subtle, vague feeling. one of those things that you don’t appreciate until you ride without it. That being said, I went with the gpr because I liked the fact that it damped both ways. My thinking was that when I turn the bars such as in a rough corner, I want them to stay where I point them. Anymore the price difference is negligible. I would say get the one you can get a better deal on or prefer the looks of and don’t look back. I would look into this one just because it looks so cool (I believe it is just the new Scotts unless things have changed)!

I've tried both the Scott's and the GPR units. Both are high quality and worked flawlessly. But I would have to say that the Scott's edges out the GPR as far as adjustibility, and therefore is at the top of my list. I would buy another Scott's damper in a heartbeat.:busted:

Here is some light reading for you guy's:


Click on the manual it will give you detailed information on the avalible adjustments. Pay close attention to the High Speed setting. I like to increase the High Speed adjustment and lessen the regular tension adjustment so that I have good stability when I hit something or prevent getting knocked off line and I do not have to fight the tension all the time.

The fact that I see at least five times as many Scotts stabilizers as all other brands combined definitely had an impact on me when it was time to make the selection.

I know guys that have used the same Scotts for close to ten years without servicing - they just switch them from bike to bike when they get a new one.

I also have two bikes, and it takes me about 30 seconds to move my Scotts from one to the other.

Why would you buy anything else?

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