06 suspension on 05?

and vice versa. 450F

06 i believe are bigger i imagine if you took the triple clamps off and changed them out they would work.

They are the same size. The issue with the forks is that the 06 had wider triple clamps than the 05. The front hub and spacers are the same between the two years. To do this they changed the bottom fork lugs to account for the difference. If you swap the forks and do not swap the triple clamps then the forks will not be aligned right and may bind or wear funny. This can be fixed by customizing your wheel spacers apporpriately.

Thanks for the info. How about the Fork Spings?

The fork springs are interchangeable '05 and up.

Just to be sure, I thought the 2004 and 2005 springs were interchangeable and now the 2006, 2007, and 2008 SSS style forks are interchangeable? :busted:

Check that:

2004: 43.6x480mm

2005: 43.6x472mm

2006+: 43.6x450mm

Ergo, NONE of the 3 are interchangeable. Same diaimeters, but much different lengths.

It's what I get for repeating info I got on the Internet. Thanks for challenging it.

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