speedometer display

Hi I was told that I could get more function on the speedometer display is there anyone that can help me with that.

WR450. 2006

Best regards Krissi in Iceland

I have an 07 with the same speedo . Yes there are a few options on the stocker , like a lap timer but to be honest . I find it to be a very plain hard to use speedo . I have a 100 dollar vapor on my honda , It does like 10 things and is much more use friendly. I'm going to put a vapor on my wr sooner or later.

The race feature works great for enduros.


once i saw a drawing that you could cut a vire that goes into the display

and then you vil get more function in the display?


I know yamaha used to make a remote scrolling button for it . but I can't find it now.

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