Weird jetting..need some advice.

Ok just pulled apart carb for the first time since got from PO.

Valves were miles off and are now good to go.

Plug chainged/gapped.

Oil/filter good.

Basics: Aftermarket intake manifold

Drilled stock exhaust (2in wholesaw deal)

Airbox mod done and UNI airfilter in.

Elevation: 2300ft

Current temp: 55-60

What I found was:

PJ: 68S

MJ: 195

Clip: 4 with B53E needle

According the charts I'm thinking I should be:

PJ: 68S

MJ: 168

Clip: 3

Sound about right?

Welp thats what I changed it to and took it out for a ride. Readjusted valves so they sound like a ticking sewing machine as I was advised to do in another thread (thats correct right?) and its still bogging and running generally pretty shitty.

Doesnt even lift the front wheel in 1st or 2nd on the street with 15/52 gearing.

Any ideas?

Just noticed I seem to be completely missing my pilot screw O-ring...guess that could be the culprit.

edit: Disregard, it was in there. Sorry about that, first time tearing one apart...didnt know it was behind a brash washer.

the old main was a 195???wow! Is this a "r" model?

Check the plug is it black (rich) or clean (lean)

did you remember to take the rag out of the airbox? ..It happens

A 195 is way too rich for the mods your bike has unless your from Atlantis. 165-168 should get you in the ball park. A third gear WOT shut-down should give you a good read on the plug. You're looking for a even tan insulator. Good luck.

Has to be an 650R i dont think a L would even run with a 195 main DOHHHH. Sounds better that old jetting, id put it in and see how she runs.

I beleive HRC kit is 175mj

maybe it reads 145 not 195?? At least with my eyes that's what i see sometimes.

my 650r blubbers with a 172 and runs perfect with a 168

Great, thanks guys. I checked several times and sure enough 195 is stamped on that MJ....weird huh?

Anyway turns out nothing wrong with my compression is shot.

0lbs w/ decomp pulled (manual says should be 89lbs)

120lbs w/o decomp (manual says should be 160lbs) my problems lie elsewhere

Dude, who was this PO that you got the bike from? this person sounds like a real ass-clown...the valves, the jetting...just shows a fundamental lack of knowledge :busted:

I'd be interested to see what you find when you pull the head off, keep us posted....good luck.

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