fork seals anyone close that can help me

Any one live near north idaho that could help me change them out. cant afford to take it to the shop. Thanks guys.


Are you positive that you need to change your seals? Mine wept *bad* after every third ride or so, and I was cleaning out behind the wiper to prevent the weep.

I stepped up to the plate and pulled out my forks, took them apart and cleaned them out as best as I could, then put them back together, and filled them up with new fluid, and I installed some seal savers.

Now my forks DO NOT weep, and I am positive that I have even fluid levels between my forks.

So, I guess what I am saying is that I had good luck from cleaning and replacing fluid, with no fork seal replacement being done.


See you on Sunday. I might not get there until about 10 or so.



did you get some help?


My shocks were weeping, or rather crying quite badly. There would be a puddle on the garage floor while the bike was just sitting there. A friend had used the following technique on a few bikes.

Take a piece of film (those extra negatives you get after pictures are developed) and cut it a full round on one end. Keep some brake cleaner close by for cleaning the film. Pull your dust seal down and expose the oil seal. Take the film and slip it up inside the seal and run it around the shaft. Pull it out, clean with brake cleaner and repeat. Do this a few times.

I used this method on mine and they have not leaked at all since, even after a few rides. And this was a free fix. I had the forks off the bike but this could be done on the bike as well.

Good luck and more power to the free fixes.

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