Hot Hot Hot

Started the XRR yesterday and it was running really HOT! So I shut it off and the overflow tank was about to over flow. :worthy: So I honestly have no idea what to do. Can these bikes get vapor lock like a car can? :busted:

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.

Corked, uncorked? How old? Stock t-stat / coolant? Any recent mods, crashes etc? A little more info might narrow down a possible problem.

yeah, is that badboy corked up? If it is it will be running REAL lean...and thus REAL hot!!

Mine use to boil over before I uncorked it all the time...

Ya it is uncorked. Its a 2001 XR650R. No recent crashes and thats about it. I do know that I took the Radiator cap off the other day and its not the stock one.

Were you riding or just letting it run? Dosen't take long to get hot without air flow through the rads. Water pump failures are rare, but do happen. The stock t-stats fail, but usually in the open position. Might want to do some basics -make sure the bike hasen't leaned out, Autozone has thermostats for a Suzuki Swift - part# 7203-180 (Motorad Failsafes) that fit the XR, you have to drill a weep hole on the flange. Drain the coolant, replace with 50/50 blend of non silicate and distilled water. Check the Rad cap, I believe Stant has one that fits, not sure of the the part #.

Yikes! an uncorked XR about to boil over in Michigan in February...I'd seriously investigate this....

Like said before, drain the bike and check/change the thermostat first (they do usually fail in the open position though-->mine did)

While you got the coolant out, pull the cover and expose the water pump impeller....with the ignition off, use a piece of cord to tie the decompression lever in the the open position. You can crank the kick starter with your hand and assess the movement of the impeller. I would hold the impeller with my hand too while cranking it to determine if its slipping on the shaft.

Other than that I cant think of anything else to diagnose the problem other than flushing the lines to ensure patency. Good luck! and let us know what you find.

Ya I was letting it idle for about 10 minutes or so.

Ya I was letting it idle for about 10 minutes or so.

That's your issue right there. Wouldn't worry until it starts doing that while you're moving.

Ya I was letting it idle for about 10 minutes or so.

10 minutes to idle, theres no reason for a bike to idle for that long. No airflow means its gonna overheat.

Thanks guys ill be sure not to do that again :busted:

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