any cheap 07 leftovers out there (wr450)

Ive been searching for a leftover wr450, but the dealers around here are selling them for like 6800. wich is lame. I do have 2 diff dealers that want to sell me a yz450 for 5600 and a 08 yz (white) for 5700. i just dont see why they want 1200 more for the wr.

So i figured ill try looking farther. If i save a thousand bucks to buy from west coast, and have to pay 500 to have it shipped. im still saving 500. can any of you guys point me in the right direction where i can find a cheap one. doesnt have to be cali, anywhere in the us would do. I appreciate any help i could get.

thanks joe, this is the info im looking for. speedy reply too.

keep'em coming. obvously the closer to boston the better/cheaper shipping.

i dont know how much shipping really is? still trying to figure it out. But if it was 600, 600 + 5800= 6400. still 400 cheaper than lame local rippoff's. I also have a month off of work. So maby a trip and a rental truck could save me more.

Not uhaul though. Just priced a truck from cali to boston for 2k without gas. lol could buy shtbox truck for 1 trip less than that. but sticking the bike on freight along w other sht should be somewhat cheap. especially if it is still in crate

thats another thing, there is no sales tax in newhampshire, why would these bikes be hundreds higher than a taxed dealer? id think the bikes should be on average 500 lower than a taxed state? am i missing something?

I was at my local dealer the other day, and he told me $5600 for an 08.

He didnt say it was a 07, I assumed it was an 08. If it helps. go to

deffinatly helps, it was a 07 yz for 5600. I emailed them to see if they have any wr's. although the savings on the yz's are looking better, i know im gonna need lights. we do midnight runs.

I was at my local dealer the other day, and he told me $5600 for an 08.

He didnt say it was a 07, I assumed it was an 08. If it helps. go to

Small world here on the TT - I just bought my '07 WR450 from Larson's for $5695 last month...good and ask for Mike - he can get you a shipping quote, too. Or, Boston is about 20 hours drive...

i emailed them, also found 2 on cycletrader 1 was 5999 the other was a call 4 price. i also emailed them, asking for an out the door price. both were in ny. wich is like 400 miles. could be a weekend/day trip.

I too was looking for an '07. Have you tried the Yamaha dealer in Plaistow, NH, Plaistow Powersports. They responded to my email enquiry stating that they had some in stock. I never got a price quote from them though.

I am assuming that you tried contacting all of the local dealers found on the Yamaha website? Most dealer websites and email contacts can be found through the Yamaha website. I hope that this helps.

also try, I got my 07' for $6100 otd back in June of 07' when they were still new. If they have any 07' left im pretty sure they will be hard to beat on the price. P.S. they're loctaed in los angeles

Team Charlotte Motorsports in Charlotte NC has an 07' listed on their web site for $5799. > current inventory > dirt

I got my 07 in Nov for $5,899 and $6,385 was otd. Good luck!

well to follow up,

i found and bought a 07 wr450f for 6200 otd. just gotta go pick it up. about 4 hours away. but i saved a bunch of cash over my local rippoffs. thanks for the help guys. Ill be posting up some questions soon.

look on ebay. As soon as i sell my snowmobile i think ill buy a yz450 to go with my wr.

btw summit 700 2002 with new engine for sale :applause:

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