fork oil. How much and what weight.

again i tried a search but two things came up. No help from that. What weight can i use? Is 15 wt ok? and how much. thanks guys.

on the 99, 500 cc's (ml's) will bring the fork oil level to the ABSOLUTE MINIMUM OPERATING LEVEL. More than likely, you will have to add more.

5 wt is standard.

I think 15 wt would be brutal, both on compression AND rebound.

Apparently, there is much to say on the quality of fork oil.

Yamaha's KYB 01 is regarded highly, ~ $20/litre.

I would guess (now I did say GUESS :))any of the shop specific oils (Pro Circuit, Factory Connection, Race Tech, etc) would have equal quality, if not identical to KYB 01.

If the price is too high for your budget, Spectro 85/150 Cartridge Fork Fluid, Maxima Racing fork fluid (not the fork OIL) - 5#, Honda's SS-7 run about $10/litre.

I didn't acutally meaure how much rather used the specifications in the manual about maximum and minimum oil height and measured at the maximum oil - from memory 80mm from the top - check the manual.

I shine a torch into the top of the fork tube and lower a zip ty in unitl it hits the meniscus of the oil then make sure both sides are the same.

Obvoiusly it is important to bleed the fork very carefully as it is hard to get that last air out and that can stuff your measurement. Maybe next time I will measure exactly how much I put in as well.

I use 10wt oil and the highest level as I am heavier than average, though the more oil the smaller the "air spring" and the stiffer overall.

I use the best oil I can get cos it is a prick of a job and the better the longer it will last - on paper anyway.


I run bel ray 5wt at 90mm.

I use Silkolene 5wt set at 105 mm from the top, per race tech in the area. my .02 :)

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