Is Massachusetts just like CA?

I'm from Québec, Canada and I own a canadian WR426f that I'm allowed to use on roads here because I installed the dual sport lightning kit from Baja on it :). I'm planning to go working in Boston for two years. I've just red all your posts on the topic California sucks. What about Mass? Am I going to be allowed to use my Wr on Massachusetts roads :D?

Thanks for your answers

Math (always sorry for any huge English mistakes....there is nothing like practicing!!)

While it is not easy to register an off-road bike for the road in Massachusetts it is not impossible and not nearly as bad as California. If it has already been street registered than I believe it will be a little easier to get it registered in Mass. I don't know what the tax situation is where you are from but you will have to proove that you payed sales tax for the bike somewhere - or be faced with paying Mass state sales tax on it at the registry of motor vehicles.

Good luck.

Thank you for your answer Sean. I still have all the registration papers and also the 300$ bill from the taxes I had to pay :) so it doesn't sound too bad.

Thank you very much again :D


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