Taillight wires

I took my subframe off and saw three wires that lead to the taillight.....blue, black, and yellow. The yellow was not connected to anything, where the other two were connected. Is the yellow wire for a "brake" light circuit?

yep. Wire in a hydralic brake switch $20 from the rear master cylinder banjo bolt and waaalaa brake lite.


Making that wiring connection with a switch on the banjo bolt...will the light only come on with switch on the bars in the off position? Is the light a two-stage light (hi/low) or does it need to be replaced?

will the light only come on with switch on the bars in the off position?

Depends where you get the power from for the other wire on the banjo bolt switch.

Is the light a two-stage light (hi/low) or does it need to be replaced?

Mine came shipped with a dual-filament bulb in the taillight.

Ive never done a WR myself. I just wired up my yz that is why I know about it. My friend has a wr and said that it is wired like you said. I think he Just tapped into the power wire for the tailight and ran the other wire to the (non used) yellow wire. The wires fron the switch that is.

www.Electrexusa.com sells the switches. Very friendly guys.

I just tapped into the power for the tailight, ran it down to the hydraulic switch and back up to the yellow wire.

The bulb on the WR is a dual filament and mine only works when the light switch is in the on position. It was very simple and much easier than my buddies XR650R.

I got the switch from Baja Designs. Make sure you tell them which bike you have as the switches have 2 different threads.


You can order hydraulic switch from yamaha. There is a power up kit for wr400 which includes this switch, horn, steering shaft lock, blinkers ...

OK I found the microfiche

yamaha part number for Stop Switch assy is 5bf-h2530-00

Where did you find this power up kit? I'd like to see the information about the horn and blinkers.



I'd like to print the info you forwarded. But I only get parts of it printed. I'm not very familiar with converting document to printable form.

I licensed my wr 426 2002 street legal and I find that all the kits offered for blinkers, horn etc. are very expensive for what it is actually composed of. Here in Québec, it costs near $1200.00.00 cdn to add blinkers, horn, voltage reg, etc... If there is no other way, I'll have to spend the dollars. But I'm sure we can use the existing equipement of the wr to power blinkers, brake light, horns etc... I'd like to have some info about the different approach some of you did to make your WRs stret legal.


For blinkers brake switch and horn you need:

Page1: 2,3

page3: 3

page5: 1,7,18,21

page6: 1,2,7,8,10,11

you may also order the nuts and bolts, but I think you can find them much cheaper in local shops.

Keep me informed and I will tell you how to connect the parts.


I finally figured out how to convert your info in a word doc. My next step is to gather the parts, see how many $$$ it takes, and get the info about the connections.

Also I have some ???

Is the power source from a WR 426 2002 sufficient to power the lights and blinkers ? There is no specific infos in the manual about the output of the magneto. Only the ratings of the headlightlight (12v 60/55 W x 1) and the tail light(12v 21/5 W x 1).

There is a voltage regulator in the circuit of the bike. But I notice that it doesn't prevent the head/tail lights from blinking at idle. Some people add a battery and connect all the equipement on it, and others use a "batterie eliminator" (for bike without electric start like mine).

Is the voltage regulator already on the bike OK ?

What is this "battery eliminator" ? Is this a fancy word for a capacitor, if yes what is the appropriate rating ?

Where do I take the power from ? Wire from electrical coil to headlight switch ?

The laws of Québec require us to have a lot of goodies on the bike. But I only want blinkers, brake lights and horn. I don't intend to ride on the street. Just the occasional bouts on paved roads that I might have to do during a ride.

Thanks again for all the infos


My bike powered the blinkers just fine, however if power is not enough you can aways change the generator. On page 6 number 11 is the capacitor(condenser). There is an error in the picture because 11 says Flasher... but flasher looks like #10. You need both so it's not big deal. There is also one diode that you need, but we will get to this later. It doesn't matter if you get the power from the light switch or tail light as they come from the same place...


I ran into the same problem that you did where only parts of the pages get printed. Do you already have them converted where you can email them to me?



I'm making PDF version soon...

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