Handlebar recommendations for WR400 Michigan woods riding?

Hey group,

I just purchased a Scotts steering damper for my WR400 and also get a Scotts triple clamp for oversized bars (to get rid of the crossbar to make room for my damper and GPS). I am wondering if anyone has a recommendation for a good oversized bar to get for riding on wooded singletrack trails in Michigan (I am 6'1" 160lbs). I think I want a narrow bar but believe that most bars can be trimmed down to the desired width, correct? So I am more interested in getting a good rise/sweep for the trails. I have been told that the Pro Taper EVO Woods Hi might be a good bar, anyone have experience with it? Any other recommendations?


-Jeff Buick

-Detroit, MI

the protaper evo woods hi is nice. i've got it on my '05 right now, and i'm pretty happy with it. the sweep isn't that noticeable, and the width is just right for me.

I have a set of pro taper woods high bars on both of my WR's. I only ride Michigan woods trails and love the bars. I got blue ones on my 06' which look cool also. I would recommend them. Where do you ride Rusty Buick from the D?

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