Sexy in Black

Getting excited to ride the pig some.Just need to get my brake part's in and bolted on. supermotoparts006.jpg

Looks Bad azz .. :busted:

Nice ride KH!:busted:

I wasnt aware PC made a 496 system for the 650R. How is it?

Bike looks goood.........:busted:

I wasnt aware PC made a 496 system for the 650R. How is it?

Mine came with a 496 on it. I haven't rode the BRP with out it, so I don't have anything to compare it to, but the previous owner who put the pipe on said it was comparable to the stock can w/ the HRC open tip. He thought the 496 was a little quieter and definitely lighter.

Id say it makes good power and isnt too loud. I might try swapping on the stock can this summer just compare.

Looks great!If thats a aluminum tank,where did you get it?

i want that body kit!!!

Tank/shroud's at,the front fender I can't think of where I got it,(found it reading thread's here)The 496 is quite but it kill's a little on top compared to the T4. I realy like what the little tank does to the feel of the bike you can almost forget how big it is.

lookin good man! are you running the stock hubs on those motard wheels? If you are, did you lace them yourself?

Stock 650 rear and stock crf front,orginaly the rim's I lace'd up on L hub's when I owend one,when I bought the R, I just order a set of hub's and bucanne's spoke's and relaced to fit the R ,than had to do the front again to the crf hub

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