02' 250f muffler on 02' 426f?

Does anybody know if the muffler will fit on a 426?

know one knows if it will fit?? i found one other similar thread asking this question but know one ever answered the question from back in 06' .....so anyone?:busted:

I don't know for sure, but I kind of doubt that it will. But that is just a gut feeling, I have nothing to back it

well... can anybody just tell me if the stock pipe diameter and flange diameter is the same on the 250 and the 426?

ok.....a 99 yz400 pipe will fit on my 02 426 RIGHT??:busted:

I think so....did you try searching? It seems like either nobody knows or it's supersecret

iam going with super secret!:busted:

But i just bought a yz400 muffler off ebay and i believe it will fit after looking for some after market mufflers that say they will fit both the 426 and 400.

Make sure you repack it. Who knows what it looks like inside. It should bolt right up I would think.

oh yea, for sure i will repack it! and thanks for your help!

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