2008 450F Shootouts

Where is Reed's breather tube and what's with the different ignition cover?

...and Reed's cam chain tensioner is different.

Where is Reed's breather tube ...?
Run down behind the cylinder, over the back of the engine with the carb tubes.

Why does it look like Reed's front brake rotor is wrapped with black electrical tape?


Now that is a damn nice looking bike. Definately the best looking factory Yamaha in a while. :applause:

Here's how I'd rate the magazines.

Of all the rags out there, seems like MXA is the most objective and in depth in their shootouts. I don't always agree with them, but they at least take an objective approach.

Dirt Rider is probably the second best in this regard.

TWMX shootouts are not very in depth or objective. They seem to buy into all the hype of the manufacturers, especially Honda. Their shootouts are more for the image minded riders.

I never read Dirt Bike so I have no idea if they are any good.

Id have to agree, TransWorld is the fashion mag of mx

I agree that MXA is the straightest shooter of the bunch, but even they will not tell you the whole truth.

My final two choices for my first modern bike came down to the 08 YZ450F and the 08 RMZ250. They pick on the YZ because it is down on power (which as a Novice and Trail Rider I want) and it doesn't corner well. They love the RMZ, but say it could use some top-end and has SOME SHIFTING PROBLEMS. Some shifting problems? Check out the RMZ forum here! I think they should have said it can often pop out of gear at the worst possible time, not "it's hard to find neutral" when you really want to.

TWMX tested the YZ450F and said it handles better than the 07 and it is the best handling YZ450F we've ridden, but if you read between the lines it says it still doesn't turn anything like a CRF or RMZ. Forums like TT can give you better info most of the time.

A few years back DR did a shootout where they rated the bikes as MX only then as Trail Riding Bikes. Needless to say bikes like the KTM SX ended up much higher on the trail bike list. Which skill level rider each bike is best for, how dependable they are and how versatile the bikes are is the info I want!

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