Pivotpegz for the Xr!!!

Hey Ya'll,

I thought I would pass this on to those of you with whom this would be interesting. Contact them through their support email on their webpage. Here is the email I received from Pivotpegz.:

Thanks for your email, sorry for the delay in responding but our email program incorrectly tagged your email as spam and quarantined it in our spam folder.

I am happy to inform you that our first batch of XR Pivot Pegz will be available in 2 weeks.

Please allow another 5-7 days for our US Importer/Head Distributor to receive their first shipment of XR Pivot Pegz. The first shipment of XR Pivot Pegz will sell quickly so if you like you can to place a pre-order with us please and secure a set of XR Pivot Pegz from the first shipment.

If you would like to place a pre-order please send another email requesting a ‘pre-order’ and also include your name, delivery address, phone number and also restate the make, model & year of your bike.

Your pre-order is obligation free and being that you are located in the USA we will have our Head US Distributor contact you as soon as they receive stock and they will complete the processing and delivery of your order.

I look forward to your reply.

Are these pegs really better? Anyone ever ride with these?

I've read the mag reviews and it's all good. I would think it would be like running sharp pointy pegs without the danger of the points or the wear on the boots. They might be the next thing for my bike.

Any free samples???:busted:

Are these for the XRL or XRR?


I asked about the Xr650r specifically since that is what I won but she implied it is for the entire Xr lineup. Email the support team to make sure. Have fun, Tony

Any free samples???:busted:

they don't come in blue:p

You can also go with Powerpegz. They do not have the centering spring wich breaks. I have them and love them.

Hey Ya'll,

Well I am the person to receive the second set of Pivotpegz in the US. They look like they will be great. It is raining right now and I have to go to work in a little while. I will hopefully install them tomorrow. Just some fyi, Powerpegz is no longer in business. I spoke with the distributor, Brap, and they are the only maker of pegs like this. Here is the website of the distributor I used. http://brapoffroad.com/

They do not list the pegs for the xr lineup yet because he is waiting for the official notice from the factory. He is going to the dealer show this week and he will be back next week to probably take orders. I will post pictures later of the installed pegz. Have fun. Tony

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