Goin' to Yuma to Ride!

The kids and I will be going to Yuma the last week of the month to ride and was wondering if anyone has ridden this area and could give some guidance. We are really excited about doing some desert riding but would like as much information as possible. Thanks in advance! :)

The only riding I've done around Yuma is at the sand dunes, which is alot of fun with the paddle tires. Try Gordons Well exit on I-8 for that. If you're looking to get out and ride some desert, you should call a few of the local dealers in Yuma and see of you can get the scoop on some good riding areas.

There is actually a pretty nice area to ride right off the I-8 interstate and Avenue 3E. on the northeast corner. Not too bad for a quick fun day, great for kids and everyone. You can stay close the trucks and everything.

Or head toward the foothills and then just do lots of exploring. You can literally ride until you run out of gas. I liked riding out by the Colorado river too, but not sure how that looks now cuz it changed every year.

There is probably a lot of fun trails out by the Army Proving grounds too, but you should not ignore any warning signs out there.

Problem I remember about Yuma, is, tons of desert, but really no designated trails that peaked my interest. Of course, back then I rode a quad.

Best thing is, you can take the canal roads, and farm roads just about anywhere you want.

Sorry I can't help more.


I've lived in Yuma for the last three years and have gotten spoiled with being able to ride away from my driveway for 3+ hour rides. Take the Foothills Blvd exit off I-8 and head north. Park anywhere along the gravel road. From there, you can ride anywhere between the neighborhoods and the Gila Mtns. You can also ride north, cross Hwy 95, and continue north along the canals to Laguna Mtn, which has some really neat trails along its ridges as well as a stream crossing.

Or you can ride east from the parking area, find the major north-south sand wash (Fortuna wash, I think), follow it south under the interstate, and ride literally hundreds of miles south of I-8(though you'll be crossing a few military ranges). There are even some cool passes through the Gilas, though they might be a bit technical for the family.

I wish I were going to be around to show you the area, but I'll be out of town for a few weeks. Hope this helps. Have fun!


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