What do you have to do to an 03 WR450F to make it Baja Ready?

Just a curiosity question really. Considering taking an 03 YZ450F to Baja but might have to do a lot to it. Wondering if it might be easier to start with an 03-06 WR450F. Looking at those because I do have a lot of nice stuff for my YZ that I would want to put on the WR.


big tank , good tires and chains , good fresh oil and coolant . everything greased . good lighting if your going at night .

closer to stock is probably more reliable . steering dampener would be nice .

Hey , you forgot to tell him that he should have a gun mounted on there somewhere. it's getting bad down there

watch out for banditos . he's right .

Guess I should have mentioned that I am planning on running the 08 Baja 500 on my 03 YZ450F and I already have an IMS tank, Scotts steering dampner and a few other items. My concern centers around having an 18" rear and lighting capability. So if it is too expensive to convert a YZ450F maybe it is cheaper to ready a WR450F.

So more particularly - besides the 50 cal mounted on the bars - to power adequate lighting do you rewind the stator?, do you remove the battery? and if so what has to be done to facilitate that? Is the stock skidplate sufficient? Remove the speedo? If so what do you use to fill in the gap left by the speedo housing? Etc?

Rgds, Eric

Already checked with Rick - those stators don't work on YZs - only ELine has one for the YZs that are durable enough - $500. That is one of the reasons I have been considering the WR - more choices for HO stators not to mention they already have an 18" rear wheel. Not looking to win - just survive and finish. If I like it I'll start considering what it will take to compete next time. I am pretty sure though that I am just going to complete the build up on my YZ - everything will be reusable if I come back for other Baja races.

Thanks, Eric

think the only reason the that stator does not work on a yz is because your bike has an ac cdi and coil ,not dc like a wr . it would be fairly cheap to pick up a wr wiring setup . your yz has a more powerful engine and the suspention is better suited for your task . it's not a big deal to rewire a bike.

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