Hi, i was wondering if you guys can reccomend places to find rear tires for my 2002 yz426f. The front tire is good and the rear i have right now still has large knobs but they are a bit rounded off from the previous owner riding on the street. The place i have been riding latley has really hard packed clay and going around corners and even berms if i give it too much gas the rear end feels like its is going to slide right out from under me like im on a wet roadso i have to take it really easy while my freinds blow past me.Where can i find a decent tire for intermidiate to hard terrain at a really good price. I am a college student trying to do some body and paint work on my mustang at the moment so money isnt growing on trees for me right now.:busted:

Motosport Outlet always seem to have good tire prices.

just shop around.. you can find some deals.. maxiss is a good intermediate tire.. i prefer the dunlop 756rrs but there a gumball and wear pretty quick. not including pricy.. you can get a set of maxxis for 110 off shipped to your door.


i prefer the michelin m12's. all around terrain tire that have endurance.

dunlop 952's are good too

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