Broken hubs

Happened to me. Repalced the bolts. Locktited blue stuff. Flew off again. Investigated further, found the sprocket holes were elongated from initally being loose. So I figured if I don't replace the sprocket it'll only happen again and risk possibly more damage. So I replaced the sprocket and went with an aftermarket specific sprocket locking bolts and bought the highest bolt locking compound possible which stated you would need to heat the bolts up to 350 degrees to loosen'em. That did the trick. That sh*t hasn't dared loosen on me yet. IT's going to suck geting em of. I'll have to use the welding torch on low flame to heat up to loosen that bond. I got a nice gouge on my swing arm too from one of the bolts coming out...SUXXX. One guy on the track said the bolt actually flew into him and said it hurt pretty good. Crazy sh#t.

I've broken 3 YZ 450F hubs, 1 on an '04, and 2 on my '06, the last one a week ago. I had just checked spoke tension (45-50 inch pounds) sprocket bolts (perfect), chain tension and alignment. All three time were impacts where I grabbed a handfull of gas when the rear was catching a whoop, flat-landing on a table (ouch) and sharp edge of a double. Those are the same hubs as the YZ250, and haven't changed in years. Go with Rad or Talon on the replacement.

kj still waiting for my hub. Mine split right down the middle. Must have hit the nitros button too many times and all the power to the rear wheels must have been to much

its definately worth it to do things to spec. might as well so you can save hundreds of dollars from sprocket, chain, and (the worse) engine damage

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