white bros. exhaust stuffing mines empty,.........

hello my inside of my white brothers exhaust is empty i thaugt it had stuffing in it but is this normal or it really needs stuffing ,does this affects performance.

i bought an fmf packing i can use this stuffing?


If no one answers you I would check out the White Bros web site for info. I looked at their pipes (don't run one) and it seems they do have packing. Also I was able to download and print info on the pipe. Good luck. :)

I had mine repacked by a vendor at the Loretta Lynns GNCC..I know for a fact that he used his own packing...It was even a little quieter.

I wouldn't worry about the FMF packing.

Bonzai :)

My white bros. pipe(e-series) came with packing. Any packing should work in the pipe, and it will quiet the bike down.

How does you street legal WR400 do on the street? What mods did you make?

thanks so much for your replies im gonna repackit and maybee it will be quieter but will it affect performance?


I have a White Bros. E-series. It has packing around a metal mesh inside the pipe. White Bros. has a "quiet core" insert that replaces the stock unit, and never needs packing. I have only seen it in catalogs. Maybe this is what you have.

I did mine recently. Use stainless steel wool, fine grade. It can be bought from Car-McMaster. Do a search, they are an industrial supply company. Sorry, I dont't have their web site an hand. BTW good improvement in noise reduction.

I used to have to repack my FMF Megamax II every few weeks- what a pain! I put stainless steel wool in it about 6-8 months ago and the packing is still as good as new. I highly recommend it.

thanks a lot friends ill repackit today and assemble it with the fmf packing and see how it works.

thanks everyone

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