engine swap possible?

I own an "81 XR500 (licensed with current tags) and have access to a XR600

(year unknown) with a wrecked frame. The; wheels, front end, and motor appear to be in working condition. My question involves the swapping of the;

front end, motor, and anything else compatible in this swap. I'd like to hear from anyone who has attempted or was at all successful. I'll say "Thanks" for now. :busted:

Anything is possible, I recently put an xr650r motor into a trx450r frame. Take some measurements and compare the mounting locations. It may be as simple as just making a few new motor mounts or could require completely modifying the frame. Best thing is find out if you can take the motor home to see if it will fit, that's what I did with mine and went from there. Just do some searching, I'm sure someone else has thought of it or even tried it before.

A TRX650R ? I bet thats a beast.

A TRX650R ? I bet thats a beast.

well its not running yet. i put it in a stock modified frame(got some pictures) but i am still having a custom chromoly steel frame built to handle the extra torque and horspower. i am also having the motor bored and stroked to be over 725cc's, have already talked to falicon and it is actually a very easy modification, just a little pricy.

about the motor swap though i would say it all depends on how much money and time you have. if it is something you are truely passionate about i so go for it and keep us all updated!!! :busted:

It will not fit easily. The 81 XR500 uses the engine as part of the frame. The 600 does not.

anything is possible i have a xr650l motor in a 400ex frame.

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