Whats Happening here?

Not happening for me.

Doesn't happen to me either.

Try getting AdAware and run it to clean up ypur cookies. GET IT HERE


Not here. By the way where is my Bonzai Jr shirt?

Im not getting it either.


Thats, wierd I tracked it back to the former TT ip address...It seems as if the cookie attached it's self inside a registry hive, instead of the cookie list in IE...Fixed it and blocked cookies from that IP...shouldn't happen again...I think it took because I was in between security patches at the time...

Thanks guys...

Bonzai :)

sounds like your browser cache needed a little clean up

Looks like its time for a new computer??? :)

Mabye, a 2 Gig Upgrade??? :D:D

Bonzai, I had no idea you were such a proponent for womens rights.......HA HA HA........

I would say either user error or your Security officer is tracking your internet activity! :):D:D:D:D:D

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