Oil lines

ok guys i was wondering what options i have with replacing the factory oil lines going to the motor. there is a plate that is bolted to the motor for the inlet and outlet that the hoses go into, but they use some sort of o-ringed fitting that i cant seem to find anywhere. so i was wondering if anyone has done away with the stock oil lines and what did they use to replace them?? on of them has a female fitting so it would be easy just to extend that one, but the other one uses a banjo bolt and would be a little more tricky to extend and thats why i need to replace it. if all else i am thinking about buying another hose that has the female fitting and trying that. does anyone know what size and type of thread is used on the female fitting on the oil line??

oh yeah, we are talking about an xr650r motor, thanks.


Ive made goodridge lines for my motor.

Each end has a female connector. These screw into male threaded adaptors that bolt inot the exisiting engine inlet and outlet. To do this I machine the adaptors down on the engine side so they were the right diameter for the engine. Then used the OE rubber o rings to seal them.

The best solution I think its to have the adaptors welded into the engine ports.

could you tell me which adaptors you used?? also it sounds like you used the factory plate that holds them into the motor correct?? if there is a fitting i can just turn down on a lathe let me know because i was a machinist for many years and still have access to a machine shop. also is there anyway you could take some pictures of what you are talking about?? im sure there are many people here who have wondered the same thing before, thanks for your help man.

Nevermind I did a few more hours of research and I found out the female fitting on the return oil line is 18mm and you can get an 18mm to -6 fitting from jegs and all the rest of the things you need to beef up your lubrication system! :busted:

some pics were on motopike.com but Im currently building a new one so no pics of the supermono are available at the moment.

- new site on the way soon!!

I checked out your site but I believe your domain registration has expired.

its back up now (still in its old format)

look in the motorcycle development section for suitable pics


Nevermind I did a few more hours of research and I found out the female fitting on the return oil line is 18mm and you can get an 18mm to -6 fitting from jegs and all the rest of the things you need to beef up your lubrication system! :applause:

TOX from experience with making alot of fuel/oil lines for engines in Predator UAVs the Aeroquip line (blue) and AN fittings with the press on barb style do work very well and DO LAST. If they are good enough for USAF and million dollar spy planes then ill use them too. I know i built them and the engines so i have made many a many 1000s of feet of these lines. We had oil pressures in the 80s and the lines always hold. Just like these



These are awesome and ive had a set of oil lines on my truck for about 4 years now without a failure, gonna put a new set on soon.

i was thinking about using those, but i was concerned about the pressure and using regular hose clamps. i have seen some high-pressure permanent clamps but the tool alone for them is almost $100 so thats what has kept me from using regular push on style fittings.

those barb fittings will hold more PSI that your bike can put to it!!! We had a pretty bad ass testing maching and when we made the lines we hooked up and tested to 150psi and had to check for leakdown for like 5 minutes and we never had a line blow off!!! You wont have to worry about that.

I agree with Denn10, theyll be more than man enough for a measly single cylinder oil system!

so you guys are saying i can use regular screw type hose clamps and not the crimp on style??


I used proper goodridge compression fittings only cos race scrutineers dont tend to like clamp-on oil lines in the UK. Im not racing the bike at the moment, but you never know!!

NO HOSE clamps if you use that aeroquip hose and the barb AN fittings like i showed you on those 2 jegs ads.

Cool, I am gonna check on eBay and try to find a crimping tool on there for cheap.

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