Pics of YZ426 with white plastics?

With everyone cleaning up their old 426s, it's time to give mine a refresh. I'm currently running the yellow hurricane plastics and need to get something new. I've searched the internet and this forum for YZ426 with white plastics and haven't really found anything.

Does anyone have any pics of a YZ426 with white plastics? I will probably still have a blue tank but will cover it up with white graphics.


I want to go white with mine too, however, I dont think it looks with the blue tank and frame. I just looked at one on cycletrader and I am glad I found it before I bought plastics. I am going to wait untill summer and have my frame powder coated silver, that looks good.

I'm with you on painting the frame, the blue frame and white plastics are a little too much.

Lets bring it back on topic, who has pics of a white 426?

If you want to find out power of a 426 vs a 250 2 smoker post another thread.

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