Front end annoying clunk

I resprung my bike with eibach springs. When I replaced the fork ones I used the top & bottom ring caps that came with the stock ones as per eibach instructions. After the swap I've noticed that when I get on it, lock the front brake, & push down there's a very annoying clunk followed by a spring compressing sound which the stock springs didn't have. Has anyone had this before?. Thanks in advance.

Yes mine did the same thing for a while. I think they have re-centered themselves now.

Understood, Thanks!.

Just had mine resprung and revalved by a local suspension guy. I had the same complaint you did, he said on the xr they really dont have a centering device like the newer bikes and the new springs were .5mm narrower than the stock ones( I think thats what he said, hes an engineer and rambled off a lot of numbers). So he said it was the only springs still being offered that he could find(racetech). On mine, before I even put them in you could hear the springs rattling around inside the forks. Also it sounded like a really noisy bed springs when you compress them. I have put about 50 street miles on them and the noise is going away. You probably wont be able to get rid of all the noise though.

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